Fall Cruising In Your Classic Boat… Does It Get Any Better?

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This week, we got some great stories from fellow Woody Boaters Herb Hall  from Sierra Boat Co and photos from Roy Dryer of the Annual Sacramento Delta Cruise from last year.. This years cruise is Friday!

Here is a teaser image from Sandusky for later today

Rich Marschner from the Sandusky River Cruise, on some fun fall cruising. Seems to be that time of year. The folks at Smith Mountain lake have a fun Fall Cruise set for a week from now. So if you are lost in how to join in the fun, look the Smith Mountain gang up.. Here.. This way you can get some last gasp in for your self. The weather is perfect, the leaves set off the wood on your Woody Boat, and the best part.. You can beat the crap out of your boat, cause you have all winter to fix it! Here  is the first story from Herb,the Sandusky cruise will be later today.. Yes its a two parter.. Hey, just trying to spice it up here..

Dang, thats a long fun cruise

The ACBS Annual Sacramento Delta Cruise. It always takes place on the first weekend of October and is usually the last organized event of the year for our chapter. This year it was Sept 31 to Oct 2nd. You can see pictures of last year’s event at our chapter site www.acbs-tahoe.org We take over a place on the Delta called B&W resort. It has cabins and guest slips.

The nice thing about it is that the boats are right out in front of the cabins. We have a private club we boat to on Saturday. Everyone brings a picnic lunch. Friday is the most fun for me. About a dozen boats have made it a tradition to go to Giusti’s Bar and Grill in Walnut Grove.

It's a California thing


Not a bad set up

It’s a perfect dive bar on the river. Calamari steak, soup salad and wine for $12. We did about 3 hours of boating that day.

Thanks Herb, send us some snaps from this years fun cruise.. maybe win a something or other for the Last gasp week next week...



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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    If I ever get a chance to go….1 do I have to wear a pink wig (could be a deal breaker) and 2 are bikini babes supplied or do I need to bring my own?

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    It’s great to see Herb out on the water doing some cruising and having fun in the Riva Junior. Usually we see him inside an engine hatch helping someone with some repairs, assisting with judging, or helping to run a boat show… etc.

    Great photos too!

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