The 38th Annual Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Antique & Classic Boat Rendezvous

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“Excelsior Amusement” – an all original 1960 Chris-Craft 19′ Capri sporting a 185 HP Chris-Craft 283. Presented by Barb & Mark Anderson of Tonka Bay, MN.

Reporting from Lake Minnetonka yesterday, roving reporter / photographer Dane Anderson was at the 38th Annual Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter Antique & Classic Boat Rendezvous, at Maynards Restaurant, MN.

As we noted recently in our “Classic Minnesota” series, the range and depth of classic boats in Minnesota is truly remarkable. This year’s show at Lake Minnetonka included over 50 boats, representing over 30 manufacturers such as Higgins, Johnson, Shepherd, Chris-Craft, Correct Craft, Riva, Thompson, Royal Lowell, Lyman, Peterborough, Gar Wood, Penn Yan, Tonka Craft, Century, Hackercraft, Hutchinson, Owens, Skiff Craft, Staudacher, Luger, Hacker/Huskins, Larson, Hickman Sea Sled, Aquaskimmer, Taft Marine, Pleasure Craft, Timber Farm, UrbtBld, Cir Craft, and Dunphy.

Here are a few shots that Dane sent us from the show on Saturday. – Texx


Jerry & Marlys Piazza’s rare Tonka Craft Lapstrake Outboard


Mark & Sandy Setterholm’s impressive 30′ Lyman Open Sportsman c/w twin 225’s.


A perfect 1966 25’ Lyman Sleeper from Freedom Boat Service.


A beautiful 1960 23′ Chris-Craft Sea Skiff belonging to Karl Andreasen.


The always distinctive Shepherd runabout.


“Lickety Split” – Doug Kohrs pre-war Chris-Craft Triple.


Skippers Choice winner “Johnny Barnes” owned by collectors John & Becky Allen.


“Johnny Barnes” is a rare 1931 26′ Earl Barnes – named after John’s wife Becky’s father Johnny Barnes.


Check out this cool Higgins Mandalay owned by Susan Tenny. “Love Me Do” is powered by a 428 Ford Cobra Jet V-8.


A Junior Judge hard at work at the BSLOL hosted show.


Senior Junior Judge (BSLOL Newsletter Editor and historian) Lee Wangstad always happy to be on the docks at a classic boat show.


Elegant Riva Tritone – “I Mistero dell Amore” (The Mystery of Love) owned by John Trusheim.


Perfectly prepared period outboards always popular with the spectators.

The historic 1906 Steamboat maintained and operated by The Museum of Lake Minnetonka.

“The Legend continues…” •Built in 1906  •Sunk in 1926  •Raised in 1980  •Restoration Begins in 1990  •First Public Cruise in 1996 – You can see the story of Minnehaha at The Museum of Lake Minnetonka website Here.




“Salome” – 1930-32 38′ Hackercraft Commuter.

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Thanks to the nice folks at the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes ACBS Chapter for all their hard work to put this popular event on, and to the many volunteers who make it possible.

And thanks to Dane Anderson for taking the time to share his great photos with us here at Woody Boater.


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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Dane, thank you for the wonderful photos. Wow. You had an Earl Barnes there too. Slowly but surely, all the survivors are finding their way into features on WoodyBoater.

    That “Minnehaha” experience must be a real treat. I was surprised to read it retains steam propulsion. Would have thought liability risk prevented commercial steam powered vessels today. I suppose modern gauges and alarms make steam power much safer today than in past. Very cool.

    • Cobourg kid
      Cobourg kid says:

      Hey Alex the SS Badger car ferry, home port Luddington Michigan, ( practically your backyard) makes a round trip to manitowoc wisconsin and back from spring to fall using 100 percent anthracite generated steam power.For more info on the Badger check out

      I also need to put a plug in for the RMS Segwun She has plied the muskoka lakes (my back yard) from spring to fall for over 90 years . She too is motivated by coal and steam.

    • Nick Caselli
      Nick Caselli says:

      I Live in Williams Bay on Geneva Lake in southeast Wisconsin . We have a tour boat line run by Gage Marine and one of there boats is a restored steamer from the early 1900’s . At about 80 ft long the ” Steamship Louise ” is quit an impressive site steaming around the lake.When the steam whistle blows you feel like its 100 years in the past .

  2. Dane
    Dane says:

    The friday night dinner included a pre dinner cruise on the Minnehaha with Dr Bob Johnson at the helm. You should make the trip over, it’s not that far from Hessel. The Earl Barnes has a F 6 Scripps.

  3. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    fun show. great weather. wonderful watercraft. cool people

    15 boats were turned away because the docks were filled. So, if you want to get in on the fun next year, register early!

  4. 72hornet
    72hornet says:

    Sorry that I missed the show, especially the pre show Cruise With Dr. Bob comanding the Minnehaha! Andreas and company always have a great show in front of Maynards. Looks like a great turnout, next year!

  5. Stan Petersen
    Stan Petersen says:

    A couple of memories of the Minnehaha:
    1. While attending an ACBS quarterly meeting, we visited the building where the restoration was taking place. Upon entering the building we were met with the strong smell of pickle juice. We learned that the Gerkin Pickle Co. had donated some oak barrels, no longer useful to curing pickles , to the project. They were used as frames.
    2. The day of her maiden voyage was a COLD rainy Minnesota spring day. We were wrapped in wool blankets as we rode with Jeff & Nancy Stebbins as part of the BSLOL flotilla.
    3. Years later we sat on her deck while we went with Beth and Bob to lunch at a lakeside eatery. Bob was Captain that day.

  6. jarlath costelloe
    jarlath costelloe says:

    I would like to get in contact with the Jeff Stebbins mentioned on our web site. I think he might be the Jeff Stebbins who was the former owner of a Mercedes 300 sel 6.3 which I have just bought. I live in Ireland and am about (hopefully)to restore this old lady.

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