Fun Boats From The 2009 Geneva Lakes Boat Show.

Here are some more fun boats. The event came alive today.. This is a very fun crowd and they are clearly very passionate about the area and there very nice boats. With close to 80 boats the show has had a very strong turnout, even with many of the boats being taken to Canada for the acbs annual meeting. Rumor has it by the way that lake Geneva is the 2011 International ACBS meeting location. Great choice.

Early Morning the boats started showing upThe amazing art of Charles Bingham, All inlay, no stains Dang.. more info at
More great art, this is from metal crafter Roger Ragsdale Visit him at you can also custom order your boatMmmmm I wonder what the boat looks like?
One very nice Pabst Hydro.. owner Sheil Kottkamp

Hey wait a minute. I know this boat. Meet again Richard Sades 1956 Zephyr Chris Craft Kit Boat
Ice boats…. maybe cold weather aint so bad
Van Dams, stealing the show.. should be called Van Dangs!
One of my favorite boats at the show. Jim Bergeman’s 16 foot Streblow, not sure whyit’s one of my faves…, it needed help big time, but had great lines and was different
Every time I see this boat I smile, one of the other faves at the show, as it was at Mt Dora this spring. Luv Lee, owned for over 30 years by John Rinehart, 1955 Century Arabian.. Yes that is blue stain… expand your horizons and the world will surprise you.
Ohhhh! Very nice original one… Not a kit.. It just felt right at home here.
A what???? More on this boat later. It may just win best Truscutteer.
Fellow Woody Boater Steve Stevenson was here with his date.. she was not very talkative..there seemed to be a distance between them… maybe they had been fighting…
From the water
The Chris Craft Antique Boat Club Tent.
Matt Byrne one of our great hosts from the Blackwater club… filming the parade. We were the lead boat.
Out on the lake. big houses and very cool tour boats. Hey got 5 million you want to spend on a lake house… Sorry, not enough!
Thanks to Moss Cartwright giving me a tour of the lake in his killer 1947 Gravette. That thing can really scoot
The end of the parade… very nice weather…
What you see as you cruise back in… What a nice way to return to dock.