Get Your Cash Out! Fat Earl’s Jr Is Headed To Clayton In 4 Days, Or 3?

It’s real! Its gonna be there!

Okay, this countdown thing is a tad confusing. We started it to line up with Saturday, but really we are gonna be there on Friday, so its really 3 days, and really really we are leaving on Thursday so its really kinda 2 days. So the countdown thing, is more of a metaphor about time.

Flea Market goodness

This sign was for sale at the show! Yup! This kinda flea market I think 2007

Also if you feel the need to shop. The flea market is 3 days, or two if you really feel the need to stalk the grounds.  Our new favorite tent there is FAT EARL JR JR’s BOTTOM FEEDERS tent. Ya gotta admit, that is just the best name out there, and you know there is gonna be some dickering happening. I gotta thing oddly for old cans of paint, and other dumb stuff. Anywho, bring cash, and a sense of humor, cause its gonna get real on Friday. By Saturday, people have bought the cheap stuff and are trying to sell it for more. Maybe I will start another tent. I can calls it,  Bung Hole Bob’s, or calls it Flathead Sally’s Engine parts, or Big Johnson’s Outboard parts. Home of the long shaft.

All kidding aside, there is actually a history behind Fat Earls Jr.. Yup.. Here it is.

Fat Earl’s Vintage T Shirt

Here’s a little History on the Fat Earl Theme. Years ago before E-Bay a guy with the Nick Name FAT EARL asked my friend Scott
and myself ( Jim Hawver) to sell of his boat collection of 30 wooden Boats on Harveys Lake PA. Both Scott and I live on the Fingerlakes in Upstate NY which was a good 3 hour drive to Harveys Lake. We took it on and in a year or so all the boats were sold, A few landed in Scotts and my collection.

Some cool stuff headed our way

Then came tons of boat hardware and as I said before E-Bay we started selling them at the Clayton Flee Market. . A avid contributor of Woody Boater Johnny V who also came to Clayton dubbed us the name Fat Earl Jr’s as he watched us selling off all Fat Earls Boats & Parts. Johnny V also had the Tee Shirts made and also became a Fat Earl Jr. himself. It’s a ton of Fun and were still at it today.

Headed North!

What’s under the blue tarps? Stop By. FEJr

Auction- Clayton

Also on the 4th day, Saturday one of the fun moments at the big Clayton Show at The Antique boat Museum this weekend is the Classic Boat Auction.  Sure you can buy a goody, but also just watching is entertainment. The folks at Antique Boat America bring out the auction magic and you may just end up bringing home a nice boat. It also helps the museum big time, so you are already in a good karma position. And mahogany has a memory. It knows. All those good vibes flow through each grain of varnished perfection.. Or grey old sad varnish. The life is still in there. So. Want to see what is going to be there? Just Click HERE and get ready to bid.



4 replies
  1. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    Great writeup Matt and Jim!

    I’ve got a box o’ stuff I’m bringing so I’m a legit Fat Earl Jr. this year. Look forward to seeing all my old friends and making new ones. Just a hint to potential buyers-if you pick up a item more than twice we’ll hand you a rag and ask you to polish it.

    The original Fat Earl was quite a character. He filled up a warehouse in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s with desirable wooden boat he bought on the cheap and finally started letting them go. I ended up with two of them-the first one he sold, a 1939 22′ Chris Craft Triple and the last one, a 1952 22′ Sportsman.

    My wife “Earleen” aka Judy and I are heading up tomorrow. See ya there.

  2. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    I also will be there as a vendor. My problem is that I usually come back home with more than I brought.

  3. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Anything that fits in a suitcase is mine!
    6 thousand miles New Zealand to LA under my belt, just 2900 to go. Look forward to meeting you WoodyBoaters this weekend.

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