Glen-L Boats… Much More Than Boat Plans

Ever since I was a kid and dreamed of building a cool boat with my pop in the garage, I knew of the Glen-L name.. The name is as iconic as Chris-Craft and many others.. But to be honest, I only thought of Glen-L as boat plans and kits.. Wow.. could I have not been more wrong? Thanks to the folks at Glen-L and their smarts with the web, the Glen-L community is growing. And more importantly from the look of things.. Fun as hell. And even more shocking.. and hold on here.. Women.. real women… HOT Women! And it doesn’t matter what your boat looks like.. Or how big it is.. They have women at there parties..

“Deck Swabber” Wiley & Gayle in Lola’s boat

Oh not the kind of women that get dragged along. Or are hired to drape themselves on the bow of a boat.. Which reminds me.. Keep Voting for AMANDA.. Here.. Anyway…  These women actually seem to participate! What the heck is that all about?  Oh we have Woody Gal.. who I love and is great.. But they have more.. they have Woody GalS…with a plural S,,,, wives and girlfriends, and get this.. They have a real woman who is charge of all this..Yup… Gayle Brantuk is the VP of Glen-L Marine and the daughter of the founder Glen L.Witt and is doing an amazing job… My world is all messed up now.. It’s not about the hats? Or the fact that my boat is 60 years old? What? Could it be that maybe its all about being out on a cool boat that you built with as a team, a family.. That maybe, just maybe its just that? And the fact that you have other things in your life to talk about.. WHAT! Please help me here.. Does this mean that the fact that I used a #8 screw instead of a #6 is not interesting to women? OH GOD!!!!!!!! Waiiiit, wait one minute..Wait.. Maybe it’s not us and them.. they are me, these are cool Woody Boats.. We’re all Woody Boaters.. Been around since the 50’s, have history, patina.. And for the record, never stopped.. Maybe Glen-L is one of the icons of the classic boat hobby.. It certainly represents the best aspects of the hobby of Antique & Classic Boats..  If you want to see how much fun this community has.. Click here to see there gathering last year.. and their fun awards that they handed out.. here ….. if you want to sign up for next years.. click here.. But hurry, its 70% booked  up already.. Dang!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    As someone that drooled over the ads and catalogs from the 1960's,I finally started building my own Glen-l boat in 1972,second in 1983 and am on my third right now.

    The Gatherings have been fun and a chance to see,ride in the boats, and meet the people off the Glen-L forum

    Thanks for running this story Matt, it truly is a great part of the woodyboat community

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    When my husband asked me to go to the first Glen-L Gathering, I agreed because it meant so much to him. I have to tell you, the gathering has become a most cherished event for our entire family. Our 15 year old daughter loves it as does our 26 year old daughter who drives in from Tennessee to join us every year. Socializing with some of the best people you'll find anywhere, eating great food and taking rides in some of the best home built boats you'll find anywhere. It just doesn't get any better than that. 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    BTW, one of the awards was a woodyboater sand,varnish,sand,varnish Tee shirt that went with the Col Sander's award!!!

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Ok if you don't run out and build that tug for your grandchild you've got no soul! LOL That would be a great grandparent-child activity!!

  5. Bob Brookshire
    Bob Brookshire says:

    Thanks for this article on Glen-L. If I can ever figure out how to put a photo on my profile, it will be of the Glen-L Missile that I have been restoring for the last year. Additionally, thanks for the info on their website and activities.

  6. TJ and dad Louie
    TJ and dad Louie says:

    I inherited my grandfathers 1966 bonanza recently and it needs help. I grew up on this boat and have many great memories on the lake with my family. It needs new stringers and more? I am a auto body tech but have little experience with wood. I love this boat and helped my dad restore it 15 years ago. I would love to be able to pass it on to my boys witch would be a 4th generation. I would love if anyone could give me a little help on how to do or sites I could go to. Thank you all for any ideas! T.j. P.S. When and I will, get “old thunder” done I would love to come to your gathering’s. Thank you

  7. Jon Mark Huling
    Jon Mark Huling says:

    In 1979 at age 20, I rebuilt a Fras 19 foot SK with a 468 blown Chevy big block. On two runs under radar it clocked 106 mph. It had no transmission only a direct V-drive. This happens to be 2 years of some of the most memorable Times of my life. Well, for 20 years or so I have watched Glen- L and now it is time to do this. My 4 sons and Grands have heard the story of me at 13 with a little homebuilt 8 ft. flatbottom doing 55 mph with an 18 horse foot and cowl,25 hp powerhead punched to 33 hp. In 1973 I passed everything in the river with that little homebuilt .
    I do Love the site and and your boats and instructive availability . My 2 grandsons are gonna Love this. LETS BUILD A BOAT!

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