Gull Lake This Weekend! You May Want To Go Have Your Jaw Fixed Before You Go!

If you have a weak Jaw, or drool a lot, you may want to avoid Gull Lake this weekend. Then again, if you are into Jaw Dropping insane cool race boats, in an amazing setting, with wonderful people, Gull Lake is the place to be.Now it may apear that all that will be there are very cool signs.

But we have been assured that the actual boats will be there as well. We also understand that the lake is still full of drool from the big Gull Lake Show a couple years ago. We cannot emphasize enough what an amazing setting this is.

The Land-O-Lakes Vintage Boat Club is proud to help present the world class Gull Lake Boat Show on August 25th at Bar Harbor. The Gull Lake show is known for featuring some of the world’s most valuable and famous vintage boats, from the collections of renowned collectors John Allen and Lee Anderson, among others.

This year the marque class will be vintage race boats, some of the most spectacular and rare wooden boats ever made. Bar Harbor provides a perfect venue, with ample docks in a protected bay, with great food and refreshments available. The show begins at 9 am and continues until 4pm, capped off with a spectacular parade of participating boats. There will also be land displays and activities. And, admission is free.

A very welcoming group.

Reporters will be there! Will you?

Mother of all engines!


Be there!