Gull Lake This Weekend!

John Allen and Wyndcrest

If you are in the Middle of the country, okay maybe a tad north, and over a tad. The big Gull Lake Show is this weekend. You may recall the big  Woods and Water show that broke all the records. Well, that’s this weekend. Amazing location, amazing boats, amazing people. Even the people that come to the show are attractive.


The location of all locations

Lee Anderson arrives in a dramatic fashion

This show is so amazing its worth a flight and a 1 hr drive from Minneapolis. This is home to some of the giants of our passion. And they bring out the big guns. So we do promise you will be blown away.

Lee Andersons Boat House is INSANE and there is a new one

The Bar Harbor docks

Special boats come from all around the area

Boating is amazing on the lake and surrounding lakes

Oh ya

Cool is timeless



And just hang out



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  1. Shep
    Shep says:

    Thanks Matt, That show is defiantly on my bucket list!
    Since I can only get the wife to commit to one show a year.
    It will have to be in a couple years.
    This year we are taking Mom’s Mink next month to the International show in NY. Then 2020 Tavares!
    Hope to see everyone at the shows!

  2. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:


    I don’t think I ever thanked you for the timely photo of Evangeline and Apache 2. I have it hanging in my office. The pic shows Brian and me in Evangeline. The original has Mike Meyer and Mike Green in the second and third cockpits. They were photo shopped out to better show the lines of the boat. Sorry Mike and Mike.

  3. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    That show is on my bucket list. I overheard someone say as they were loading up WINDCREST in Hessel that thats were they were heading. The couple in the Lyman.Now thats true Lyman love! The Swift, your right “cool is timeless”, and the captain is under 60. That makes it cooler. Looks like a great time.

  4. Dave Bortner
    Dave Bortner says:

    104 boats registered so far…. Friday evening event at Lee and Penny Anderson’s has been sold out for over a month, looks like beautiful weather!

    Can’t thank John and Becky Allen and Lee and Penny Anderson enough for their help and support!

    Marque class is launches, maybe the best gathering of those boats ever.

    Watch for photos!

  5. Mike Sufka
    Mike Sufka says:

    We cannot wait !!! The plan is to boat Friday, dinner at Lee’s on Friday night, and spend the day at Bar Harbor on Saturday. I’m sure it will be epic. Thanks in advance to those who put this on.

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