Herb Hall Wins Big Woody!


Herb Hall takes home the coveted Big Woody award from Woody Boater. These are hand made awards that are handed out only when someone or something is extraordinary within the lifestyle of classic boating. Only eight were made this year. And have only handed out 4 now. This forth big woody was handed to Herb for everything he has done for the lifestyle. Not just here on Lake Tahoe but across the US and the world. It’s not just about Sierra Boat Company which is a magnificent operation. It’s about the man at the helm.. The calmness and class that he brings to it. His quiet diplomacy in getting things done. Moving the show back to August may have in fact saved the Tahoe Show..it was a perfect show.. Attendance at this years show was record breaking! But set all that aside for a second.. Go behind the scenes here and you get a deeper respect of the man. This place is massive!!! It goes on and one. Hands down the largest and most complete classic boat facility in the country. But one thing stood out for us.. While on a behind the scenes tour of Sierra boat company I mentioned that the views from the work shop were amazing multiple million dollar views.. We all laughed and tales about condos and so on.. Herb said.. Ya but loosing that would take away from the character of Sierra boat co.. He was right.. Dead right. Thats the character that makes this hobby better.. Thats the magic. So here is to Herb Hall.. Congrats from all of us here at Woody Boater


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