Here Comes The Sun-ish, Thanks To YNOT Yachts! Algonac Sunday Morning.

algonac sun-3

One word. WOW!

Isn’t this just the way life is. You drive for 10 hrs and the rain dumps on you and the second you leave the sun comes out! Ahhhhhhhhhlgonac! its not that we were not warned that Michigan weather can be like this. The rain followed us all the way home to Virginia, mmmm maybe it was us? But thanks to Bert Harris, the Ladonnes from YNOT Yachts and the Algonac sun gods, we have some glorious action shots out on the perfect Algonac water. So without further adoooo. Here is the magic. Happy Monday!

algonac sun -1

Run like the wind!

algonac sun -2

The gang is all there.

OK not Sunday, but what a cool shot from the picnic!

algonac sun -5

This says it all. Amazing

algonac sun -9

BB was out all weekend giving thrill rides!

algonac sun -10

Thanks to the Ladonne family for all they do!

algonac sun -15

Commander SS coolness

algonac sun -20

Just another day in Michigan

algonac sun -27

Black Beauty the worlds most perfect Cruiser is amazing.. Simply breath taking.

algonac sun -30

Eulipion ripping through the grey! This boat rides like Butta!

algonac sun -31

Some blue plastic goodness

algonac sun -34

While this was going on we were stuck in traffic.. AHHHHHHLONAC

algonac sun -40

Even grey skys are magic

algonac sun -44

On the way home from Breakfast

algonac sun -45

Commander SS in action

algonac sun -47

Can we ever get enough Black Beauty

Algonac sun -50

Ket her rip!

algonac sun -51

The variety of boats was amazing.

algonac sun -header

Amazing Michigan colors

algonac sun 7

Unique stuff in Algonac

algonac sun 38

Great color match of cabin and water. Wonder where the Chris Craft guys got the idea of the light blue color?

algonac sun-54

And this was just a fraction of the over 100 boats that were ready on Friday. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the Algonac Marine Cast Co. and more after that. Including a feature of one of our favorite boats of the trip!

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  1. Flash
    Flash says:

    Eulipion was the surprise of the show for me. What an awesome boat. With modern power, that big boat was hanging right with the Hornet. Puff was a really cool little cruiser too. And even my kids got their Woodyboater debut in that shot of the Super Sport. Your drive home sounds like mine, 250 of the 292 miles in the rain.

    Thanks for the continuing coverage.

  2. Craig Judge
    Craig Judge says:

    I believe that’s a Commander SS and not an XK. Same boat essentially with the SS being the predecessor to the XK.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks i made the edit .. Wow, the shots came in very late last night.. Amazing stuff. Tomorrow there is more..

  4. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Those sure are some BEEEAUTIFUL boats!

    I find myself more and more attracted to the XK22’s every time I see one.

    Looks like a good time was had by all, except for those poor soles stuck in traffic in the rain.

  5. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Matt, you should have stayed on Sunday. Now you will have to come back next year so Suzy and Jimmy can go to the Old Club. Thanks for all the promo and good words about our show. Now you know how Michigan boaters make the best of lousy weather!

  6. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    After all the blustery weather, last evening and this morning are absolutely tranquil out here. The water is calm as glass. Fortunately, the weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit. It was a great time this past weekend. I met many great people.

  7. Allen
    Allen says:

    Great weekend wet or dry! Lots of incedible boats and wonderful people. We missed Chris Smith this year.

  8. Ann Guldemond
    Ann Guldemond says:

    Yes, this is Michigan, and even though the show was a wash out, everyone I spoke with endured it with good spirits. I really want to thank those if you who traveled so far. And, yes , Matt, you missed a good ride Sunday. It was my first ride on Black Beauty and what a blast!

  9. Rich Marschner
    Rich Marschner says:

    What a header, Matt & Texx! And Black Beauty — magnificent, just magnificent.

    All of us at the 40th North Coast Ohio show this weekend shared your pain up there in Michigan. Rained all night Friday, then most of Saturday. Still, it was good to see everyone, with or without their boats.

  10. Alex
    Alex says:

    What’s the express cruiser next to the Red and White in the stationary photo? Looks like a steel hull. Is it a modified Steercraft? Or did Steercraft make such a model? Interesting…

    As for your weather…

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