Hey! Is That Lil Suzy At Lake Geneva?


Lil Suzy – Trojan Hot Shot Cottage Racer – Lake Geneva Photo Chad Durren

Reporting in yesterday from Lake Geneva, fellow Woody Boater Chad sent me a fun image of our former Woody Boater fun boat, Lil Suzy. And as it turns out, she won an award for best outboard. What fantastic news, when we had her, she had never been shown or even for that matter taken around. We used her once on a photo shoot and she had gone to a local car show. But to see her with Michigan numbers and in Lake Geneva is heart warming to say the least. She is a Trojan Hot Shot Racer and is a blast to run around in.. I think, since it was really only that one time.. Wait, maybe twice.. If anyone knows who she belongs to, speak up. I have some fun before pics if they want them. CONGRATS again. below is a shot from that photoshoot of lil suzy

Lil Suzy about 4 years ago – Great Wicomico river VA

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    OK, since nobody else is commenting, I’m going to jump in. Neat little boat, really like the shark teeth graphics on the bow. Since it’s a Michigan boat, maybe it will show up at Algonac next year, Grab the bottle of tequila, Chad.

    • moss cartwright
      moss cartwright says:

      maybe what is the theme.. might have to leave it on the trailer as the boat slips are so deep.. great boat.. or maybe if they have the club in the detroit boat show i could make it there.. it is a fun boat with lots of history.. moss cartwright

  2. ranger
    ranger says:

    Looks like a fun little boat.

    Okay, I’ve got to say I think the Woody Boatress has got to be one of the luckiest Ladies in the world…

    How cool to have a husband smart enough to keep naming boats after you!

  3. Rob
    Rob says:

    Matt, I seem to recall early on in the life of Woodyboater you ran a story on that very boat along with some other outboards with unique paint schemes. If correct, perhaps it is time for a golden oldies week?

  4. Nick Caselli
    Nick Caselli says:

    The Geneva lake boat show was a great success .Over 100 boats with 80 being in the water . We had perfect weather too . My slip was 2 away from LIL SUZY , great boat and the sharks teeth got everyones attention . Matt’s boat is awesome and deserves all the awards it gets .
    Nick Caselli . “Sporten A Woody”

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