Hot Off The Press – 2010 Geneva Lakes Antique & Classic Boat Show Awards

Go to the kitchen and heat up some rubber chicken.. It’s a virtual awards show.. 

Pink.. See we predicted this.. Pink is the new hot color this year.. I am envious.. 

And the O’Neill award goes to…
It’s from 1930.. So it can’t be called a new town?

Also won the strongest transom award..Look at all that gold leif that thing is supporting 

Way to go Dave.. From one of your Contemporaries

Also winner of the squeezed it into the slip award with out scratching the sides.. 
mmm pre war U22’s Dang.. And towels…AND matching ropes.. Dang! 

David.. The Warner collection… Look at the Dingle.. It’s like you are made for each other
I love this boat. Sorry.. I am trying to comment.. It’s just a very cool boat.. 
George! Way to go.. 
And the award for.. “I wish folks still made cool wood boats award” goes to Streblow Boats.. Who still makes cool wood boats…

It’s the leaves.. We called that one

And the Svoboda Award goes to.. 
Texx’s Joke is the funniest one from last night story.. 

And the final award goes to the Announcer for having to read this to a full room without messing it up!

Special thanks to the Blackhawk ACBS Chapter for providing Woody Boater with the results of the Awards Presentation from Saturday night.