Houston… Clayton, We Have Lift OFF! Woohooo!

Here we go, thanks to the Lyac Coffee house who has WIFI… We will be spotty through out the day. But here ya have it,. Runner has it that Alan Jackson is here and will be auctioning off some boats. Also here is your chance to see a fresh barrel racer before the owner does. Its being delivered today by Dan Nelson of nelson bots works…

New GarWoods
Al Capone’s Boat
Be the first

And the last Runabout Chris Craft made
Old GarWoods at the auction.. Thanks Alan Jackson
The Low Down on Al Capones boat

Orange…. I have a trailer hitch!

The Jaw Drop award…
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Nice pictures of the Lymans. Love that 1950's hull. When you go to the action check the Grand Craft from Holland Michigan, the Hutchinson from Alex Bay, and the 19' Duke from Canada, and the beautiful St. Lawrence Skiffs. Keep snapping. Lyman Lyman Lyman Lyman

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