I Can’t Bear It! Big Bear Lake California. At Least It’s Live-ish.


I don’t know why I cant get “The ladies” to take a ride? They all just point and call my boat “cute” ?

Thanks to fellow WoodyBoater Maggi for sending us in what could be…sorry Maggi, the most frustrating report ever. Now, don’t get mad, I mean we get drone footage and on the water shots with $5,000 cameras of amazing boats. And I thought, hey, lets make something out of this that’s fun. I will no doubt get reamed in the comment section for being mean. But it’s very early, and well. This report from the fun good sense of humor..( I hope) .. The So Cal Chapter of the ACBS. Take it away Maggi. Oh wait. no captions either. Woohooo. I get to make them up! And yes, the story starts out OK, but just wait.

Well, this shot has it all. Wieners, Women, Pinups, Woody Boats and a tall ship.

Thanks, we spent a beautiful weekend at Big Bear Lake, in the California high Sierras. The sun was shining and the breeze was blowing.

Wind Blowing, and, and, and? A tug boat? with a sail, and , and, and then there is that huge white ball? Hey, have you met the Little Woody Guy? Back to Maggi.

We had a terrific turn out from the public, too! Our Peoples’ Choice box received over two hundred votes, and numerous additional folks declined to vote, saying they couldn’t pick a favorite. We closed out the day Saturday with a dinner on the patio of Nottingham’s Restaurant, with good food and lots of fun conversation.

The conversation. What a setting.

We also awarded two prizes: Skipper’s Choice went to Tim Vanderveen for his triple cockpit Hackercraft “Dutch Treat.”  And the coveted People’s Choice was won by new members Marshall and Jen Guthrie, for their home-built 2017 Glen L Rebel. This is always a fun event, and this year was no exception!

Okay, no photo of Dutch treat. but we got this! Here we go.

I call this, Drying pavement. It’s a statement regarding a previous storm, contrasted by people going about there routine by shopping for Boat Show caps and picking up free Classic Boat Connection Brochures. Hey, work with me here. I am trying.

Okay, phew, a boat. I know it’s turquoise and white. And a bad ass Mercury

And this one is Red! And white, and has a red and white stripe. Just in case you couldn’t see the picture, which you can because you are reading this. Dang!

Anyone? OK, wait one second before you all jump on this. It is period, and I am telling ya , dollars to Doughnuts, ONE day.. Maybe not today, but One day, this will be a collectible cool boat. It’s I think a Calibar1 Custom boat. They have been around since the 80’s which this kinda looks like. Looks like a very early one, which does make it cool, The colors are amazing and very period… Period. You will need your solar eclipse glasses if you drive this though. Put them on before you visit the Calaber1 Website HERE

Cool setting for a show

And a nice Woody. I need a life line here. What does Double E Ticket mean?Okay, Maggi, don’t read the next one.

OK, OK… Sorry Maggi, I am about to go nuts. Like I said. So you stop reading. What the?, you have a triple Barrel back (I think) right there.. See, right there. To the left. And you shoot people and some faded out red plastic turd… AHHHHHHH, and some guy with that sail coming out of his head. There are Woody Boaters moaning all over the world now. Hey! I get to make up the captions. OK, Maggi, you can start reading again.

Cool. Is this the Glen L.

And in two shots, because this boat was to big for one photo.

Thats’ a cool set up. Parking lot fun. I wonder if that Chevy truck is in the show? Hey? Again. There was that Popsicle earlier. One day it will be a classic.

Again. A cobra and a big triple. And… Maggi.. Ugh. Your killing me. But I am sure having fun picking on you!

I, I, Ah, My head is going to explode. There again is a nice set of boats. And.. And… a grill. and red umbrella. Old ratty dock? Anyone?

Well, there ya have it. It was at least fast and live-ish.Kinda. Many of these shots were already on Facebook. Which is even faster.  Like  fast food, it was fast… But….And all kidding aside, Maggi is a great person with a great sense of humor… I hope. Thanks again to our pals at the So Cal Chapter of the ACBS for sending in the report. Anyone got a photo of Dutch Treat? Without your thumb on the lens?

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Hmmm, seems like Matt is in a mean mood. I think I better hold off on sending in the photos I took at the Antique and Classic Pontoon Society show this weekend.

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    I made the drive up to Big Bear in the late 80’s in a 4 cylinder rental car that barely ran when I got up there. Beautiful spot and a great Octoberfest celebration (at least what I remember of it).

    Thanks Maggie for bringing back the memories.

  3. Scott
    Scott says:

    I waved a young couple over to my dock recently to make inquiries about their bad ass turquoise boat. Turns out his grandfather bought this Shell Lakes new in 1959. Told me it was built in Wisconsin. Hoping to see more of them at in Racine.

  4. Miles Kapper
    Miles Kapper says:

    What? Not one selfie of Maggie? You’re such a tease. Bless her heart for getting these pics to you. It was a great weekend (despite some of us, okay one of us, dealing with the effects of a 7,000 foot altitude on a carburetor.)

  5. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    Yes the 1987 Caliber 1 jet boat. ACBS says it is a classic. I disagree, but to each their own.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      I like the thought from ACBS, but I think they are a decade too soon. Once it hits 40 it becomes a classic. Still ugly, but classically ugly.

  6. steve in the woods
    steve in the woods says:

    Love the 59 Lark Golden Jubilee; have one. It took Matt to keep the ACBS from bankruptcy on one of his rants. But, it is about boating, whether wood or plastic, 500k or 5k! Ok, now i have showed my rear, once again…

    • Miles Kapper
      Miles Kapper says:

      There were three 1959 Golden Jubilee Larks at Big Bear. Next year there will be four (mine is on the way) and five if you can make it! We can have our own 59 Jubilee Lark table at the dinner. Oh the possibilities!

        • Miles Kapper
          Miles Kapper says:

          If you are referring to the Lark on “My Lil Woodie”that is an original unrestored engine. I had to buy a new drool cup when I saw it the first time two months ago at Lake Arrowhead. His father bought the rig new in 1959 and took really good care of it.

  7. Alex Kleckner
    Alex Kleckner says:

    Tim, you should be embarrassed and ashamed about this article. Woodyboater is usually a fun/interesting read. In this case, you are outright mean and disrespectful to Maggie, and the SoCal ACBS. Being mean-spirited even in a somewhat joking fashion is never good form.

    Does this post encourage others to send you pictures of their events? Does this encourage “younger” members to join the classic boating hobby and feel included? Especially for a blog that claims to be “the number 1 place to reach the younger market in the classic boat hobby in the world”.

    Additionally, I sense a bit of insecurity from those of you questioning what is a classic…

    We had an amazing turnout of classic fiberglass boats as shown in the pictures Maggi generously provided. These classic fiberglass boats add a lot of interest to our boat shows. Our membership has grown because leadership is beginning to welcome and encourage classic fiberglass. Thank you Rob and Maggie.

    • Maggi Cassell
      Maggi Cassell says:

      Thanks for your spirited defense! We all enjoy this site for their humor and personality, and although this one was closer to the “ouch” line, it felt to me more like friends giving each other a hard time.
      And it was complaining that I didn’t give enough info about the gorgeous fiberglassics, which I gave None, so point taken! Lol.

  8. Margaret Cassell
    Margaret Cassell says:

    Aaah, I see what I did there. See, I have to admit to you all that I have this persistent stereotype that Man Brains are hooked up to some kind of Wikipedia of Vehicles, and that unlike me, they wouldn’t have to go back to their chapter member directory to look up the details!
    All in good fun, Woody Boater!! We love ya.

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