Ice Breaking Classic Boat News – Tempo Appears Live This Weekend At Minneapolos Boat Show!

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If you live near Minnesota.. OK if you live near the US, drop everything and hop in your Woody Boatermobile and leave the man cave, and head on up to the Minneapolis Boat Show starting tomorrow. No, not to see a gillion tons of future plastic broken dreams..

Guy Lombardo’s “Tempo” 44ft 1936 Hacker Huskins Commuter that’s not been seen in 40 years will be there, according to the folks at Mahogany Bay.. Shhh, don’t tell them, it’s been seen by some.. like 2007 in Sunny land pictured here.. But not officially..

Sunnyland, FLA Show 2007

And regardless, this is a huge deal.. This is one of the biggies in the passion of Antique and classic boating. Her sisters, Posh, and Thunderbird are all hoping to have a family reunion soon.. The restoration is a never ending bridge type deal. But she will be there. You can just disrobe and bask in her mahoganyness. Yes you and your banana hammock in the boat show.. A photo by the way that could get you on Woody Boater.. And the 6 o’clock news.. Who will also be there.. And for gods sake stay warm.. if you know what I mean…

Here is tempo with the Guy at jones beach.. This would have abeen a cool event for sure..

You can also Sniff the fresh varnish and just be one with her billion bungs… OK, that got a tad out of control.. It’s just that very few times does one get to actually feel like it’s summer in Minnesota in January.. Take your Sun Screen.. Those florescents are a killer this time of year.

Tempo in not such a flattering photo.. Mr Damil is not going to get a close up of this but you can if you go.

Also in the 4,000 sq foot Mohogany bay booth with be our very own King of the Woody Boater Mountain… Made from our mole hill I might add.. But he is the man of the hour where ever he is. – Chris Smith signing autographs of his books for 3 days. Invest in Sharpie stock today…. Also not to be out marketed by anyone. Mahogany Bay announces its “The Great Vintage Boat Treasure Hunt contest” you can click here and read all about it. But if you are reading this here on Woody Boater.. Sadly you may not be the target. Since you have already stalked all your neighbors garages and they have issued restraining orders.. Not that, that has happened to me.. Anyway.. again.. …It could be a fun contest to tell the folks about. Ya Never know what treasure lies under a pile of old barbie Dolls and Hot wheel sets.. Stay tuned for up dates and possible shots of that Banana Hammock!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Back in the 70’s I worked as the manager of the concessions at the Jones Beach Theater. Every night I would go and watch Tempo come roaring into the lagoon between the stage and audience. After Guy Lombardo stepped off the Captain would peg the throttles and roar out the other side and then behind the stage. This was the high point of the evening for me. The down side was I had to listen to South Pacific 6 night a week for 3 months until I went back to college. A great musical but enough was more than enough. But I still remember that boat.

    • Tom Kaul
      Tom Kaul says:

      We have talked to the resident manager at Jones Beach about bringing Tempo back for another performance.
      He is excited to put it together. Probably not until 2012 and probably not for South Pacific nor Guy Lombardo. I’m thinking Harry Connick Jr. and Bob Dylan.

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        Tom, Unless they remove all the new seating and substructure that’s been added to where the lagoon used to be it will not have the same dramatic effect. I will just have to wait to see what can be planned. Next we’ll have to talk to them about dredging open the underwater trap door that the synchronized swimmers used to appear in the middle of the lagoon. Imagine that, Tempo arrives and mermaids appear to encircle it (shades of Ester Williams) now that would be an entrance.

        • Susan McLaughlin
          Susan McLaughlin says:

          @Rick… We used to go to the shows at Jones Beach and Guy Lombardo’s arrival was the high point. Do you remember how everyone was invited to come to “The Schaefer Tent with Guy Lombardo and His Orchestra?” We would sit around while my parents danced to the Royal Canadians. Even then at 14, I recognized what a cool thing it was. My Mom has an old program, South Pacific was in ’68 and ’69. It’s a crime they filled in that moat.

    • lenny koch
      lenny koch says:

      you are so rite rick she was a beuty back in her day i too have many memories of him an several tempo,s my friends the maresca,s took care of many of his boats over the years
      maresca,s boat yard freeport,ny

      • Klaus Horatschek
        Klaus Horatschek says:

        The Tempo had a twin owned By John Johnson of Oakdale NY Had 2 Allison twin supercharged engines with a 4 cylinder kicker to turn a the prop shafts to 2500 RPMs to switch to the main gear. Upon Mr Johnson death the boat disappeared used to be hanging in his boat house anybody might know the whereabouts of the boat?
        Friend of the Late J Johnson

  2. matt
    matt says:

    This is why I love this site..Ya find out stuff that no way in h e double hockey sticks you would find out. The truth about how that performance was, with out the romance of the history of the photo is fantastic. The pain and truth of having to listen to South pacific endlessly made me spit out my coffee.. Thanks

  3. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    That is a great story! Ive just googled Guy Lombardo and Jones Beach and its fascinating. He was a gold cup hydro racer as well as a performer and restaurant owner. What a cool idea the Jones Beach theatre was. Imagine watching Tempo come roaring in to the moat and then mermaids surfacing!!!

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Hey how cool would it be for Tempo to be preceded into the Marine Theater by a flotilla of antique boats? Then Tempo arriving with spotlights on her. Shows are at night at the theater. I know I would volunteer my time and boat to do that! I sure others would also. Sweet fantasy.

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    Matt,back in the 70’s I was dating a girl who was an actress (no it wasn’t Chris) who was in the show Oklahoma at Jones Beach, I too was thrilled to see and hear Tempo roar in with Guy Lombardo. Although I can only spell Oklahoma by singing it after attending numerous performances( oh what we did when single) seeing Guy’s entrance and than sitting and talking with him after the show in the Schaffer Beer Tent (they were a major sponsor) listening too Guy’s band” The Royal Canadians”

  6. trimtab21
    trimtab21 says:

    I am so happy to see the Tempo has been restored to her former beauty! I grew up on the waterfront in Freeport, L.I. in the 50’s and 60’s and remember seeing Guy in this boat many times. He kept her docked behind his house which was down the canal from his restaurant. Besides running her to the Amphitheater on Zachs Bay, he would lead the ‘Around Long Island Power Boat Race’ from his restaurant out towards Jones Inslet. This was a BIG waterfront event in Freeport. I might even have some old 8mm film.

    • John H.
      John H. says:

      Hello Trimtab 21, My Friends Owned Boats And We Would See The Mahogany Boats He Had Docked Behind His Home, And Did You Know The Town Of Freeport Eventually Changed The Name Of The Road To Guy Lombardo Ave? Hard To Believe That Boat Cost $107,000 In 1938! Originally Fitted With Twin Packard Aircraft Engines, Replaced With An Allison V-1710. Nice To See.

  7. Ed Lumley
    Ed Lumley says:

    My grandfather was an architect, who lived in Freeport, and did the design work on Guys resteraunt. He was also heavily involved in the boating scene there, and was on many of Guys boats over the years. He often said that Guy never paid much attention to the “No Wake” signs when he motored through since his boat didn’t throw much of a wake.

  8. Elizabeth chorney
    Elizabeth chorney says:

    I am so excited to have found out what happened to Guy Lombardo’s Tempo…And to see other people have fond memories of it.. Rick, you mentioned you worked at the theatre in the 70’s. You most likely knew my Dad ‘Pete’ who was the captain of the Tempo at the beginning of the shows where Guy would make his Grand Entrance . I was in the hull of the boat on many of those nights peeking out as Guy would hop off to Center stage and lead the Orchestra with our National Anthem. My Dad would be dressed in white with the captains hat, standing at attention.. and after the Anthem Guy wanted my Dad to show off the speed of the boat as he sped away from the lagoon.. What the audience didn’t know was that many of the musicians in the orchestra pit would roll up their pant legs, especially during high tides because the enormous wake left by the Tempo would sometimes flood over the stage ‘dock’ and pour into the pit! It was a big laugh for all of us behind the scenes.. I enjoyed reading all these comments.. I have many wonderful stories to tell of the Marine theatre and the Tempo..Guy was a good friend to my Father through the years.. I posted a photo of the 2 of them sitting together on the Tempo..

  9. Michael
    Michael says:

    I also remember going to the theatre and watching South Pacific and Arabian NIghts and Guys entrance on Tempo. I also seeing it rot away at Freeport’s Jeffstar marina for years back in the 80s, as well as the demise of his home on the woodcleff canal after his death. I still boat in Freeport and keep my boat there and a few old timers here still into wood boats still remember her

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