Incurable Sickness Infects Thousands At The Portland Boat Show!



Fellow Woody Boater Mike Mayor reports in from Portland and an outbreak of Varnishitus that’s swept the Northwestern State.We can also report that we saw grown men just standing there drooling and scratching there heads. Babling and asking there wives if its OK to take home two boats.


These are all classic signs of Varnishitus! It always happens in the winter months and GETS WORSE the colder it gets. The sad truth is that its in your DNA, and many of us that live with this everyday, can gather from time to time and not feel alone and isolated.


Stop drooling please, people can slip!

You can also rest assured that in around 60 days there will be relief in the form of a gathering in Florida. Known as the Sunnyland Lake Dora Show. For some unknown reason, warm weather and the water seem to turn the sad parts of Varnishitus into blissful feelings with bouts of extreme joy and a feeling of drunkenness! So, see you can live with this affliction, as long as you go to events like the Portland Boat Show!




Century Resorter-Jim and Sharon West

Here is the report in from Portland that will help those of you barn bound in rural areas and don’t have the support system. Thanks Mike for saving all of us! And you thought all you were doing was sending in photos!

As usually happens this time of year, the Columbia Willamette Chapter of the ACBS puts on a nice display of antique and classic boats for the winter boat show.  Even though Portland has seen record snowfall and record temperatures (LOW!!) for the past week, turnout at the show was good.  It’s weather like this that separate the serious boaters from the casual boaters.  Braving temperatures in the teens, our club soldiered on and all the boats that were promised by members were delivered.  There are three racing runabouts in the display this year.  A 1948 Red and White, a 1949 varnished version and a 1954 unrestored version.  Something for everyone in the racer world.


More Stella- Varnished and unrestored racer-Mike Mayer -R&W racer-Ken Bakke

Of note was the recently completed build by club member Don Purdy.


Don built this boat from StanCraft plans and just finished it.  It’s a 22’ gentlemans racer and is powered by a “hopped up” 454 Chevy which produces a little over 500 HP.  Don is a hot rodder from way back and brought some of his need for speed into the woody universe.


Gentlemans Racer-Don Purdy


Healy-John and Deborah Hunt


Century Coronado- Steve and Melanie Spahr


Reinell-John and Eileen McKinney

Along with a couple beautiful Centuries and a couple cool fiberglassic boats we had some engines on display.  Our booth is always well received and it was nice being able to tell all of our visitors that most of the boats on display see regular use throughout the season.


Hemi love – just one look and it can take you places without even starting. But be careful, it can cause Camatosous. And trust me, that leads to racing around and burning fuel and revving. Its ugly.



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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Nice report and wonderful display of boats. That Stan Craft racer is awesome. I was not aware of that design. Thank you Mike and Matt for sharing.

  2. Dennis Hansen
    Dennis Hansen says:

    Beautiful display. How many boats were on display? Having “before” and ” after” examples is a great idea!!!

  3. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Great display! Love that fiberglassics were included. And having the “before & after” is an awesome idea!

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