It’s A Fantasy Weekend Here On Lake Dora! And You’re Stuck In The Cold.

FLA 2017 Mfine

Bacon & M-fine A fantastic way to start the day!

Perfect weather, massive amount of boats and very happy people, what else could you possibly ask for?  All the slips were sold out a month ago, and the crowds are expected to be large. We are half way sold out at the store, and Scarlet is all soaked up as expected. All that’s left to try is my annual Chicken on a stick, and a nice loooong boat ride through the Dora canal to the palm gardens for a deep fried anything. And you are? Starring out the window wondering why you are not here. And everyone else is here. So sad, so very very sad!

OK then, let’s move on to us here! WOOOHOOO! LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED! WOO WOO!

FLA 2017-3

Amazing boats are showing up from across the US. This is Dave Bortners cool Century! Lots of fiberglass here this year!


This cool little monster has a Flathead V8! Feild of dreams coolness


Bill Anderson brought some excitement as always! Bill is a great guy and always surprises with his one of over 100 boats he owns!


The Feild of dreams this year is chocked full of good boats


Headed for the feild of dreams! More on this boat later!


A new entrance to the show ! You will Flip when you get here!


Cobra Bar from Bar-Craft! How cool is that?


OK! Captain Wally Binghamton approves!

FLA2017 Header?

Water, Air, Wood, and Fiberglass perfection

FLA2017 -15

Still for sale!

FLA 2017-11

Stay right here and blow dry your hair

Woody Store11

The Store is open and selling fast. One case of Coffee mugs, GONE, half the shirts, GONE. We bring more and more every year! Thank you so much for your support. And the show hasn’t even started.

FLA 2017 Glastron

Glastrons, Glaspars, Donzi’s, and a bunch of cool stuff! And only about 1/4 of the boats showed up yesterday. Today, Sunny and lots of boats showing up!

FLA 2017 -5 Terry

Terry Fiest, and “Fiesty” A flawless Cobra that Katzs Marina did. Seth made this a tribute boat to Terry for helping Seth get into Cobras, and a long standing friendship. Terry is an amazing leader here and well. Just amazing!

Stay tuned for updates through out the weekend. Today we get out on the water and get some cool action shots!

14 replies
  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    M-fine really should name one of his boats Bacon. You’re already killing me with the boat pictures.

  2. Mark Christensen
    Mark Christensen says:

    So jealous! Can’t wait to get back down to that show one of these days. I’m confused about Scarlet. Did that used to be Suzie? Who owns Scarlet now? M-Fine? I know Matt has the 25′ now, is that at the show?

  3. Garry
    Garry says:

    Actually I just woke up and finally got my americano going plus tuning in to WB. It dawns on me you are 3000 miles away, I am looking at the Pacific out the window on a sunny day.
    Yes I am torn, a little bit.

  4. Mike W
    Mike W says:

    Lyman Love – My parents first boat was the one pictured. Someday even though I don’t need. it.

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    m-fine does need to get ANOTHER boat and name it Miss Bacon!

    Scarlet is the boat formerly named as Susie, and it is now owned by Jimmy.

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    Here is a sign that reminds me that the weather back home in Canada sucks. We found the sign at the Hideaway on Lake Harris. Thanks to Gerry Wilkin for the boat ride.

  7. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Beautiful day on the lake Mount Dora with the exception of the wind and the fact that my boat broke down five minutes after launch, think it’s a bad fuel pump, having one overnighted, hopefully will get half of the day tomorrow in, wish me luck.
    Also a big thank you out to Dave VanNess for all of his help on the phone today.

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    Two shots of float planes in two days. Combine that with beautiful wooden boats, and great looking engines! It is truly a “fantasy weekend” for me. I hope you are all drinking plenty for me. From looking at the pictures, I’m hoping plenty of Corona.

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