It’s Clayton Sausage Day! Over 70 Photos That Make One Great-ish Story!

Man that is one huge boat!

So, you ask, what the heck is Sausage Day? Well, we thought it would be fun after all the amazing curated photos to show some of the left out stuff that also helps tell the story of this past weekends amazing show/event. We can’t make them better, so volume is the trick now!  It’s a testament to the show that there is so much good stuff from one weekend. And we just hung around the Museum area.

The boats around here are OLD! BTW, LOVE the droopy A cross stroke.

The entire area is a blow your mind classic boat set for a film. Every architectural detail is the stuff we love. The fact that you have to get to your house by boat makes it even cooler.

Love this photo. Walking around Clayton is cool and right on the water – Photo YNOT Yachts

And man oh man, the Tankers are amazing. Sid and his amazing hacker – Photo YNOT Yachts

And isn’t that what going to a show is all about? Seeing more than just boats, but the area, eating out and basking in the rich history of the area. So, put it on the calendar for next year. Hell, go this weekend, next weekend. The show was a small part of it all. So enjoy the sausage today! And thanks for tuning in this week for record traffic!

Outboard graphic coolness – Photo YNOT Yachts

How cool is that Evenrude logo! – Photo YNOT Yachts

The graphic design on these are fantastic – Photo YNOT Yachts

– Photo YNOT Yachts

Sunset magic – Photo YNOT Yachts

More sunset stuff – Photo YNOT Yachts

Great photo! Great name ! – Photo YNOT Yachts

The YNOT guys know how to capture a cool moment – Photo YNOT Yachts

Heading out – Photo YNOT Yachts

I swear all these shots were taken in the only half hour of flat water – Photo YNOT Yachts

More folks headed out

Some fantastic Woody Sailboating! Photo YNOT Yachts

One more shot of American Honey’s transom. Fantastic type with that touch of classic coke swish – Photo YNOT Yachts

Right back at ya! – Photo YNOT Yachts

Exactly – Photo YNOT Yachts

25 Sportsman, modern 350 and in the same family for over 50 years

Black Witch and her crew – Photo YNOT Yachts

Is that a tandem boat?

131? No..135? No.. Oh wait.. I see it now – Photo YNOT Yachts

Yup!- Photo YNOT Yachts

The Antique Boat Museum has some amazing boats!

– Photo YNOT Yachts

Headed out some more – Photo YNOT Yachts

The parade – Photo YNOT Yachts

Classic hard top, these are popular up in that part of the country. mmm, I wonder if the weather has something to do with that? – Photo YNOT Yachts

Timeless scene – Photo YNOT Yachts

Everyone has a camera these days! – Photo YNOT Yachts

Like a painting! – Photo YNOT Yachts

I wonder where this owner is from? – Photo YNOT Yachts

Big and bigger – Photo YNOT Yachts

Coming and going – Photo YNOT Yachts

NO WAKE! – Photo YNOT Yachts

Oh! We are near Canada, put that fender out dad!

Elusive remember the vidio? Oh Ya! – Photo YNOT Yachts

Great timeless scene. Woody Boats come in all sizes and shapes

Now there is a look of inner peace.

More of the Ynot Silver Arrow – Photo YNOT Yachts

Lets floor it.. Oh wait. 600 feet within the shore. – Photo YNOT Yachts

Love this boat! Should have it at every show

Okay, those were some from the YNOT gang, the rest were my left overs.

I have a cool story for this boat. Miss Cutaway

Stunning engine!

The Thunderbolt Engine

The Thunderbolt cockpit – Reader request

The entire boat

The Museum exhibits are fantastic

The other side of the room


And from above

Great sponsors. Vintage Doors!

Good god that boat is Huge

Elco’s brought by our friends at Halls Boats

One owner (HER) Century palamino. It runs and was in the water the day before. She has all the paper work, everything. And she is trying to sell it. $6500 A bit steep.. And no I dont have her contact info.

The Interior

I wanted this at the market place. but 150 was a bit steep

At the auction, you may be surprised… It was home built in the 1950s.

I grabed photos of stuff I want to do at home. Like do a ceiling like this in my boat house

And this model. Man oh man!

The workshop at the Museum is fantastic

What a cool idea to hang a boat

Very cool barn wall idea!

And from another special request. Hey I told ya. Sausage.

You asked for more!

A Ken Bassett design. The cold molded hull and 135 HO Evinrude motor allows speeds to 60 mph. Built by Dave Strabino (Pine Cone Boatworks) in 2014. At 21′ Tomcat has a roomy cockpit with that sports car feel.

Here is more. Should the owner remove the outboard graphics?

Maybe paint it silver and put an old outboard logo on it?

Or just have fun and go boating!

Thanks for stopping by WoodyBoater today! You’re late for wok after looking over all the photos.

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  1. charley quimby
    charley quimby says:

    Matt… TEXAN is the Fitzgerald and Lee that was laid-up in the woods down here in Southern Maryland. I gave you photos of the boat rotting away on the hard when I was in Tavares c. 2013. An amazing job of restoration done on this one… CQ

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    What was your impression of the size of Pardon Me? 🙂

    Did they give any indication on when she would be back in the water, and if they had come up with a solution to the speed at idle and related docking issues?

  3. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    Matt did you stop by the Aussie tent and check out there amazing coolers, ie need no ice. used mine on the way home , put cold bottle water and a few sodas in the bag when we left, and put cold water and sodas in the fridge 12 hours later at home.
    Shout out to Tom Phillips and his son for a great product.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Extremely nice, lol. I like the ability to right click and get a full size picture in a new tab which allows closer picture scrutiny. Maybe thats a function on my new operating system. Any data on boat #132? Got the flat deck bow deck and drum light of a CC with raised combing but lower freeboard and more tumblehome of a 20’s flat deck CC.

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Good to see Zipper is still up there… Remember well, the year Bo Collins ( a previos museum Director) called and said if you have a week, let’s go with a group up the Rideau Canal…Guess what, I managed to clear the desk and went and we had a most memorable time.

  6. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    I suppose by tomorrow we’ll be looking forward to Tahoe…Maybe Terry Fiest will give us a quick preview of what to expect next weekend.

  7. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    A sad tale about Pardon Me being so temperamental and difficult to operate. Such a grand sized runabout in every sense. Since original delivery in 1948 it has been a cantankerous boat to operate with a later auxiliary engine experiment installed in an attempt to make reasonable docking maneuvers. Doesn’t help that the Packard PT boat 1500 HP V-12 engine requires Avgas and burns 100 gallon per hour!

  8. Tom S
    Tom S says:

    Just one quick comment on Tahoe, and I’m sure everyone already knows this, but there is a cool webcam set up at the docks at Obexer’s so if you can’t make it out to Tahoe you can at least get a glimpse of the show activity. It seems like it’s on 24 hrs a day.

    Copy paste address.

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