It’s Saturday Morning In Algonac Michigan, And I Am Scared.


OH God! We are gonna need a bigger data card! The show hasn’t even started and we are worn out! There is so much texture here, so many things to see and do that you are whiplashed about chasing things. To the folks that live here, its all part of life, but to us that live in areas that we just dream of such places..

Its insane, and add on a bad case of A>D>D .. and Oh look a Gar Wood Statue, and his house, and oh, that canal its just like Venice here, and that’s a one off prototype boat, MY HEAD HURTS. Yesterday cruisers started coming in.. Not just any cruiser, but PERFECT CRUISERS! PERFECT!

Cruisers are never perfect! Dang I have used explanation marks way to many times, And yet, its not enough to capture the thrill of it all.. The other great thing about this area is the deep understanding and love the folks here have for their Woody Boats.

Sea Flow II - Hackercraft Triple

It’s part of the fabric here of there lives. All inter twined with normal life. I could go on and on.. I am just stalling because the sun is up, sky is blue, the water even and I have to go out there and look for more dam explanation marks!!!!!!!!!!

Alan, Faye & Missy Smith - Up On Plane With Their Beautiful Sea Skiff

Stay tuned, we have our computer glitch resolved, have our pedal (throttle) to the metal and are now getting back up on plane…. Wooo Hoooo!!

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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    do you EVER sleep?

    John in Va.

    On the bay today….temp dropped 20 degrees in storms last night….good times abound!!!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Fantastic show today. I have to also give credit were it’s due. During judging today Panther got a perfect 70 out of 70 points today due to the phenominal varnish job done by Katz’s Marina. Thanks Seth. Would have taken 1st except for the Century Resorter that was un-restored, has been in the same family for 2-3 generations and looked like it just came out of the showroom. And they deserved it. Tomorrow we get to hear Matt speak at the Old Club and I get to go over in a 42″ Double Cabin CC Commander. Wait until you see pictures of that boat. One word. SWEET. There was also a V12 Scripps engine at the show you could have eaten off of but would be too afraid of leaving crumbs on it. There was enough material at this show to keep Matt going for months.

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