It’s Show Time On Lake Tahoe. Just Like You Are There. Over 50 Photos!


Its like a Mahogany party!

Thanks again to fellow Woody Boater and reporter Steve Natale for sending us in another fantastic report in from the big Lake Tahoe Show at Obexsers. Getting the itch to go? GO!

stellaaa in water


Get your personal transporter device warmed up. Tell your sig other that you are stepping out to pick up something at the hardware store and beam yourself to Tahoe. What? You don’t have a transporter? Come on, there are even transporter shows. Antique Transporters are pre Star Trek, the TV series, Post trek transporters are called Classic, and now there is just an app. Right? I have no idea? I am still trying to figure out old boats. So we asked Mark here.


Here is Mark, the official tour guide and first mate of “Les ‘N Learned” a 18’ 1962 Chris Craft Holiday


OK, Mark, SHOW OFF! My Chris Craft still has turds in it from the barn.


I love these early painted racers!

Anywhoo, thanks again to Steve for sharing a bunch of cool shots. Just imagine you are walking around the show and looking at stuff. Steve didnt send captions, so I made them up. So? It’s like walking around the show with an idiot that knows nothing. Me, not Mark, Mark is to busy showing off. Darn kids and there perfect Tahoe boats.


Tahoe, and Rivas, Like Peas and Corn!.. OK wait Forest, more like Grey Poupon and Pink Sweaters.


OK, if this boat doesnt win some sort of 50lb trophy I am gonna.. gonna,, I am not sure what I am not gonna do.


Do not jump into the boat. YIKES!


Suds? Vino? Water? Holes?


Porsche product placement.


Dam that lake is stunning!


People Choice. So? I am confused, you get to choose the people you want to be with?


This poor guy has to spend hours explaining to people thie plate is not a sex act on the river, Or that the car is a 80 something and his boat, thats a riva, .. you know its like a Chris Craft, but from Italy, not that Chris Craft didnt do a Partner…. hello.. where did they go?


Best Window unit goes to the one in the upper right. Its still got its original Freon in it. Really? the good stuff before the EPA made us use that new stuff..


OK back tot he show


HAGERTY! Plug here! If you need insurance for your Classic Boat. Try Hagerty, nice people, nice rates! CLICK HERE!


Man oh man


This looks fresh! Cool, and ready to rumble. Another 16 ft Special Racer


Perfection, reflection!


What amazing light and clear air! Dang!


There is that insane cruiser again! Dang I love it.


More perfection!


It’s like you are there? Right.. Next to me. Dont push me in!


Love me some blonde wood!


Blonde highlites!


A colorful array of interiors and blondness


A little more blonde, like a streak!


Best intior. Fantsatic combo next to each other by the way! By the way, DONT TOUCH THAT INTERIOR. I bet dad is a nut about shoes on this one.


Top tops and tops.. Thats the tops


The best grass hut in the show. Hands down!


Flowers. Just flowers..


Best use of a Hatch poster set up here.


Race boats!


Ok, thats some serious engine stuff here. No chinese cut off crap either. I hope!


Dam, I keep coming back to Dixie Baby! Dang dang double dog dang!


On any other lake on any other day, this boat would rull the day. But today. Its nice, and .. Well, did you see Dixie baby.. Dont get bent out of shape here. its nice.. And trust me, if I am with the boatress and some pals this is the go to sexiest boat at the show. But did you see Dixie Baby?


See! Dixie babys engine. DEAR GOD, that thing is like Kate Upton, Christie Brinkly and Rachel Welch all in one wonderful cast iron block!


OK, my head is going to expoad now. BTW, this is the boat with the Rolls Royce Engine.


No drone shot. Just on the top dock!


Really? Ya had to bring us back to that cover there. Its show day man! Ditch the cover!


More engine inasity


Riva magic


WOW, I love these.



Cobra – Hemi— Jaw—dropped!


Just cool ass details!


Ok, that Hemi was cool, and that Rolls Royce was cool, but this is pure chill! Dammmmmmmmmmm! LYCOMING MAGIC


More scene stuff from Steve.


The pure water of Tahoe!


Duel Quad perfection – Cobra


Love the bridge


Judge alert.


Cool black and whiteness


Cool graphics!


More setting, just breath in.. snnniiiifffff, can you smell the Mahogany and fresh air. Or does it just smell like your computer screen. You need the smell-ovision APP.

Thanks again Steve for your reporting.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thanks Steve for bring us to the show with you.

    And really Matt I felt like I was walking around with you just like at Dora! Maybe we should actually go to Tahoe one day.

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Troy: –If you haven’t been, you gotta go…Super people, super boats and super scenery. Maybe you can get Terry to sign you up as a judge.

  2. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Love looking at the better than new old boats, but if there was an original/unrestored/barn find show going on simultaneously, which one would you attend first?

  3. Stephen Fowler
    Stephen Fowler says:

    Looks perfect. Meanwhile, the local Port Carling antique boat show is hit with the first rain we’ve seen in ages. Pity. All the better that these pics are here for me to enjoy instead.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Because California is in a severe drought.

      BTW what is the device on that AWESOME cruiser? Is it some sort of life raft?

    • safari Bob
      safari Bob says:

      The lake has a natural rim at 6223′ and a six foot dam above the rim. because of the drought and required releases from the dam the lake is at 6 inches above the rim at this photo. the lake can get six foot higher and hopefully not more than 1-3′ lower

  4. simon cho
    simon cho says:

    dixie baby, Canadian owner, Canadian restorer Peter Breen, what a boat, what an engine; thanks steve for all the great pictures;

    • Pete Laurence
      Pete Laurence says:

      Dixie Baby has not been restored, it has been rebuilt as there is very little of the original in her at this time. Let’s hope everyone realizes that fact and she doesn’t win and award she shouldn’t..

  5. Carla
    Carla says:

    Thanks for the plug, Matt! Tahoe was fabulous..gorgeous boats and perfect weather. Unfortunate for the various boat shows in the Midwest that were hit with some rain; however, a little rain doesn’t keep our devoted owners away from the joy of attending a classic show!

  6. tom gibbons
    tom gibbons says:

    the cobra with the hemi in it, looks to have a custom induction system on it.twin blowers? just for curiousity, can we get any more info on it?

  7. Sayra Spediacci
    Sayra Spediacci says:

    I saw the Stella! It was very hot Friday, thankfully less so on Saturday. Thanks to the headlining sponsor Porsche for running their park-to-shuttle all day. Brilliant idea, super nice people. And a big “thanks” to the paramedics who gave us a ice bag, after our 10 yr old daughter was stung by a yellowjacket. Great show! Great folks!

  8. Enoch
    Enoch says:

    Hats off to the Tahoe judges for their thorough research and judging of Dixie Baby.

    They saw through the superficial presentation and misrepresentation of this boat. There is no doubt this boat was highly modified.

    This issue definitely should be addressed by the ACBS as this is not the only boat to come out of this shop on which great liberties were taken in the “restoration.”

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