It’s Shöwgåsbord Sunday!

DO NOT invite Mark Setterholm to your show if you want anyone else to win Best Of Show. He did it again. Bella Donna WINS BIG, in fact I have awarded it best of show for Reedville and he doesn’t even know where Reedville is!

One of the great joys of not giving a crap about spelling is you get to make up your own words. Sausage Sunday didnt seem right for today’s story on two shows that happened yesterday, and trying to do one without the other seemed like I had to pick favorites. So.. I made a smash up of them. Trust me, you will be able to tell the difference. But the fun part is here on WoodyBoater does it really matter? It’s all one big fat show! So without further adoo..doo! Here we go. A huge thanks to Dane Anderson who sent us in part of the Shöwgåsbord.

Meanwhile in Reedville. Yah, thats rain. KABOOM DUMP run the bilge rain! Stinky smells better now and this is the first real cleaning of Buttercup!

Meanwhile Mark Setterholm is running around winning everyone’s awards.. Come November the weather gods will pay him back!

back in Reedville we all hung around in a pavillion and looked at the same old extension cords at the flea market.

Royce Humphrys and his Riva and VERY sporty Italian shirt are enjoying. the sun.

Mericica was on display in Reedville – This boat was made by a 9 year old!

1953 Chris Craft Special Sportsman “Lemonhead”  Kirk Lillie, Mark Setterholm’s boat Yellow is so the color this year.

Yellow on a Whirlwind. Jim Sheafers amazing little time capsule

Speaking of space capsules-Del VanEmmerick has done it again. Check out this bizarre one. 22′ IO, pretty sure Spacely Sprockets made the drive.

Meanwhile up on Lake Minnitonka, a Whirldwind-ish boat zips around 1955 Thompson Thomboy  Andreas Jordahl Rhude

Eric Zelman’s amazing Wolverine. Eric has gone deep into this all and like us, has a barn full of projects.

Gull Wings open. -1961 Chris Craft 21′ Continental “Over the Top” Daryl Konrad

Okay, now this Deadrise was hands down the Mark Setterholm best of show winner. Wondering why this would smoke WECATCHEM? Or Bella Donna. Just wait.

Clean and perfect

She was just finished. no fish guts!

Around here, they carve in the details. Fun Crab Door Stopper detail.

Are you starting to see why this Deadrise is a Setterholm Show winner?

How about now?

Miss Jean II is insane amazing – Evrything works, even has a small light in the compass. The door clicks shut. It runs, and well. Jaw Meet floor! Ricky Little of Colonial Beach Owner

Chrysler marine 330


Meanwhile back on Lake Minnitonka!

Century having fun on the Lake

Wonderful bow lines

1972 Boston Whaler Eastport John Vogel


1954 Chris Craft Kit boat “Christy Craft” Ricky and Christy Hammer


Christy Hammer well, putting the Hammer down!

meanwhile back in Reedville Fibre – Glass is being introduced