It’s Summer, And They Are Classic Boating In Cincinnati. No Really!


Tom telling folks about Century Boats.

You warm wishes and west coast prayers created a ton of wind here on the East coast. Ya knocked down the national Christmas Tree.. Ahh the Power of Woody Boaters everywhere. In Ohio at the Antique Boat Center they even had an open house to celebrate the impending springtime weather. Well known Century expert, Tom Holmes was there talk’n…well Century’s. Looks like the open house was a full house. Olson twins did not make an appearance.. Maybe they did.. Skinny chicks in this crowd could disappear behind a rub rail for gods sake. Below are some fun shots with more to come from fellow Woody Boater Al Benton who showed up with a gang of 11… And of course since NO captions were included. We get to make up our own.

Tom and Dennis Ryan talking before the show. The dog was there for the food.. shhh Dont tell Dennis..

Cool Motors. Lots of motors.. And guys that like motors.. With guys that like to talk about motors to guys that like motors. I like Motors..

Dennis and Tom ( on left) once more in a talk about the dog.. I wonder if the dog likes motors..

Rob Selin talking about the ACBS youth program. Sorry, nothing funny here. This image had a description and its a cool program.. Wait.. What about an ACBS dog boat building program?

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Concerning the statement ” Wait.. What about an ACBS dog boat building program?” The ACBS stopped that program after finding out that dogs don’t make a very good building material, they’re all different shapes (ok maybe the knees are good for well, knees), hard to plane and unless you get the fir going all in one direction varnishing is a bitch. Plus you would not believe the uproar from those PETA people. Boa constrictors on the other hand can be split lengthwise, kiln dried and make a pretty good lapstrake. I believe Lyman experimented with this during the war year when mahogany was scarce. Man I’ve got to get back on the water soon. LOL

  2. matt
    matt says:

    To see PETA picketing the ACBS HQ in clayton is about the funniest thing I have imagined in a long time. I can just see Emily latila doing a boycott on SNL .. Whats all this I hear about using Dogs Knees in old boats.. You know they eat boats in Asia? GOD, nothing make sense in this weather. I NEED SUNSHINE..

  3. Chad
    Chad says:

    How do you make a dog sound like a cat?

    Freeze him in a block of ice, then run it through the table saw.


    OK, that was sick. You can blame my 12yo nephew for that one.

  4. matt
    matt says:

    Oh great. Now PETA is really going to come after us. They do google alerts I am sure.. Christ.. Thats all i need. Dog blood splatered all over my truck.. And i like PETA.. mmmm giros.. mmmm thats good stuff

  5. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I might add that the dog “was” a big Woody Boater fan until she read these comments. She brought her guardians all the way from St. Louis to visit with “Rudder”, Lou Rauh’s canine side-kick who promised plenty of mahogany sticks to chew on. Just got an e-mail saying that she and Rudder are running away and joining the circus after this.

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