It’s Three,Three Boat Shows In One Story! Countdown To Clayton Still Going Strong. Tick Tock Tick Tock…

Photo, Kent O. Smith Jr..

Only 4 Days til Clayton… And we got your West, East coast covered! That’s right.. You have been following Texx in his fun filled fantasy fandango out in Lake Tahoe.. Along with Texx, our secret spy photographer has been sending in shots as well from Tahoe.. We have news on the Finger lakes ACBS show in Skaneateles.. There I spelled it the way I hear it. I have no idea how to spell that darn place.. And a report in from another spelling disaster Lake Winnipesaukee.. So here report in from Port Huron yet..

From The Finger Lakes Regon Skaneateles Show..

"Miss Hopatcong " on the left and "Uno" on the right.. 5 minutes after this shot was taken they sunk because of all the trophies they got..

A fantastic showing of the Finger Lakes finest water craft.. And our very own Woody Boaters Don Ploenter Jr and Seth Katz’s from Katz’s Marina won the big awards.. Don Jr took Best in Show Preserved for his 1961 19ft Capri named “Miss Hopatcong”.. This was Miss Hopatcong’s first appearance on the show circuit after work done by Katz’s Marina.. Seth Katz took home Best Runabout with “Uno”, Also it’s first showing since being redone. Uno is a special boat as well, being number one of 1947 19 foot Red and White Racing runabouts.. I have seen these boats in progress of there restoration.. Even half way done they were show winners. The standards are extremely high at Katz’s marina.. Combine that with the Ploenters eye for cool boats.. And its a double threat to any competition on the show circuit.

From Lake Winnipesaukee..

Scotty Too, with one amazing motor.. "Merlin" The jaw dropper award..

Photos only.. Fellow Woody Boater Kent O. Smith Jr. did some nice ones… and of course, no story means one thing.. We get to make up our own story! Woohoo. I love these kind..

Baby Ruth... Thats all I got.. So, i will award this , the best candy bar award.. And yes, there are nuts on the inside..

More Scotty Too... Bring on more Scotty!


A stunning cc limo.. The Grey Poupon Award. Although ya dont want to be the guy that has to searve it to the rear seats..

"Sultana" God look at that dash..

Another Scotty, this one is not a Too though.. Now, this award goes to the person looking at the boat.. note the hand position.. The award.. The keepa ya hands off the boat award.. Although, drool does not count

This shot is called "Tools" best tool award.. Wait, that would not be an award I would want.. Hey look, Thats woody Boater, he won the best tool award.. I mean I know I am a tool.. But an award..

A trio of Hackers.. The Ménage à trois parking award..And yes I had to google that...Chad

And now more shots form Lake Tahoe from our Secret Spy photographer..

Dang, I am rethinking the name of Woody Boater, to Sometimes plastic boater..

OK, our secret spy needs to get back to the show.. And if you are going to shoot a beach with a boat in it, at least have the coutesy of finding a babe.. For gods sake man!

Thats it from Tahoe, stay tuned later today for more Clayton Countdown action

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Is it me or are there a lot of ’61 Chris Crafts popping up lately? They are pretty easy to spot with the white rear panel and the gold, white and metalic green interior. Nice to see the 60’s boats getting a lot of show love.

  2. matt
    matt says:

    Yes, its clearly a trend.. My feeling is that they are very colorful and different than the all varnish deals.. The interior and turquise interiors are all part of the attraction..

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Since I absolutely refuse to put the original black back into my 62, I am leaning towards a 61 inspired interior. When I first saw the gold white green I did not really like it but the more I see the more it grows on me.

  3. chad
    chad says:

    I hope I’m gone before the trend reaches boats from the 80’s.

    Matt will be driving a pink and aqua cigarette boat, wearing a white suit and neon sunglasses.

    • matt
      matt says:

      Actually… I will be on a Purple and Yellow Donzi Cigarette possibly this weekend at Clayton.. A very very very very fast and cool boat.. The boatress is sewing in my shoulder pads into my t shits right now….. I have a matching “tubs” thin leather tie.. and my white sport coat..

  4. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:


    I would imagine the “Boatress” might get a bit messy performing the forementioned function!!!

  5. Woody
    Woody says:

    Oh my god! I just saw that.. I kept wondering why folks were having fun with my comment. Haaaa and now I need to leave it… A new low.. It is spelled right though

      • randy Rush Captain Grumpy
        randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

        Hehas only built 1 so far. Its also got a yamar diesel in it. Thinking tender for a yaught. Oh yah $225k

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