Just To Rub It In, The Florida Gang Has An Outdoor Boat Show.

Ft Meyers 1

Terry Fiest sets sale for the parking lot

The Sunyland gang had a huge classic boat show this weekend at Ft Myers, along with an International ACBS board meeting. Sure that was the “official reason” but we all know what it really was. Showing off. Look at us here in Florida. Its 75 degrees and we have boats in the water. Look at me, I have to put on sun screen! Oh I need my sun glasses. Look a tshirt for sale that goes with my shorts. Its also a very clever way to let us all know that the huge Sunnyland show in Tavares is just two months. Thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Jim Morford and Terry Fiest for sending us in photos. No captions or text. You know what that means. We get to make up the captions.


Dang! Nice Cruisers Inc boat. Nice blue sky, nice palm trees.


Feathercraft. This one looks fantastic on that trailer, Perfect fenders.


Carter Craft. OK.. lets see, she does her own sewing, good cook, very sweet, pleasant disposition.


Great boat for the water. Asphalt?


Cool sign


Ya gots your skis, ladder, model, awards. She is loaded and ready to show. A little known fact, there is a Chris Craft kitchen sink in there as well. Really!


Great script


Very nice engine. Fantastic sticker


I love little details like this. Perfect


I have seen this boat in person and its stunning. Perfect low ID Number.


More of the hard top


Duel engines.


Terry Fiests Stan Craft.


Great shot


Simple and elegant


Nice Correct Craft..done correctly


All lot of sweat went into this correct craft..


Century- And its not blue.. AHHHHHHHH Stay tuned for the monday report on that


Cool Century Dash!


Barrel Back.


Great transom


Its a……


It’s a… $343,000! Holey SHIP! Thats 7 U22’s, WOW


Salty Dog is actually a very cool boat


Very cool Aristo – Craft


The perfect engine set up for the Aristo Craft


FIRE! Someone. Quick, FIRE!


Bad Ass sticker


The other side of the sticker


2 1/2 hp, That’s like 2 horses and a pony? Or two horses and one dead one cut in half? Pre Outboard years!


Down from Harsens Island Michigan


Sweet dash! You know you can find those wheels at Northwood Boatworks!


Glaspar. Cool helmet


Winner of the coolest owner name!


I wonder what blat this is and who owns it? Mmm, if only they would put a sign up.


Thats better


Thats some nice wood


Nice and sunny and perfect!

Thanks Jim and Terry for the the great report from Florida.See you all in two months!

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    • Paul H
      Paul H says:

      M-fine – The show is held immediately adjacent to the Edison Ford museum complex, at a large restaurant called Pinchers, not at Lake Dora or other inland locales. There is a large parking lot but limited moorage, and it is also salt water. The salt water is main reason why the ratio of land display to water display is as it is.

      Tornados went through the area on Friday morning, causing the ACBS meeting to move downstairs to a lower floor for a while, and it was a nasty storm. However, despite the intensity of the storm, boats moored for the show were perfectly protected in the excellent marina that is attached to Pinchers.

      • Larry Forget
        Larry Forget says:

        A few years ago we visited some of the ACBS boats on display with cars at that Edison / Ford waterfront complex.. I was wondering what docks were being used. Nice to see outboard boats on display . I use town 3 of the models pics. Green windshield Aristocraft, Polished FeatherCraft, and G-3 speedsters . Good turnout of the GLASSPAR club

  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Thanks for sharing all the great photos Jim & Terry. Oh, and thanks a lot for causing unbearable envy while I shiver in 17 degree weather here. We look forward to seeing you in March. Save some of that weather for us northerners.

  2. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    75 degrees and sunny?

    Well, it’s Zero and sunny here in Wisconsin. And, I’m going to spend the afternoon with boats on trailers, too! At the Greater Milwaukee Boat Show.

    75 degrees………..hmpf, sputter, ppsstt, ppsstt!

  3. Sean
    Sean says:

    You had my attention with just the header….

    -2* C and light snow just north of Toronto today.

    It’s been 3 months since my Greavette went away and in about 3 months from now she’ll come out of hibernation. So, winter is half over!

  4. Jerome Emery
    Jerome Emery says:

    Great show! It was good to see Bay Horse originally from Harsens Island Michigan. Lots of great times were had around that boat. Can’t wait to launch Treasure Hunt.

  5. Pete DeVito
    Pete DeVito says:

    Paul was right the weather was raw on both Friday morning and Saturday night. The weather was absolutely beautiful on Saturday for the show.
    Here is a photo of my cousin home from the tornado that went through on Saturday night. Their home is located about 70 miles north of Fort Myers on Siesta Key. I am sure Matt knows where it is he was visiting that area during Christmas.
    Good thing is that everyone made it through with minor scrapes. A couple down the rode was not so lucky in a mobile home two lost their lives.

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