Kent O. Smith Jr Captures The Fun Of A Rainy Show Day!


Umbrellas were the issue of the day

Thanks to long time Woody Boater Kent O. Smith Jr for saving the day.. the rainy day at the Fulton Chain Rendezvous. His magic eye and talent made the most of a rainy day. We here at Woody Boater have found that rainy boat show days can sometimes be the most fun, and a great chance to get to know each other. Take it away Kent.


A moment between the rain

Last weekend, the Adirondack Chapter hosted it’s 26 th Annual Fulton Chain Rendezvous. Generally referred to as the Old Forge Show because of the event’s location, the show draws primarily local boats from the four interconnected lakes.


Dude! Woody Boats are soooo coooool!

The late great Paul Hornick – an Old Forge resident, a true WoodyBoater, and an avid organizer of the show – once told me that if you see a black rain cloud, there is a boat show coming. This wisdom certainly held true. The weather for the day was rain – sun – rain – sun – rain – sun –rain, alternating about every twenty minutes. It did not deter 59 boats from participating.


Reedville isn’t the only place that has WoodyDogs

One of the more laid back shows, it’s just plain fun. No pressure, good folks, good food and lots of chatter about boats. If you have never been to the Old Forge Show, it’s worthy of a visit.

Despite the whacky weather, the show was well attended, and the afternoon parade was held as planned. Here are some images from the event:


Neither Rain nor…anything…will deter us from Woody Boating…


If there’s a black rain cloud, there’s a boat show coming


Water drops beading on the deck of “Indian”, a local turn of the century launch


Adirondack Chapter President Adam Retersdorf onboard the Miss ABPA racer he built


Someone on this HackerCraft had the right idea for a rainy boat show…


Boat Buds – brothers John and Pete Hornick on “ECHO”, builder unknown


Go to Planing Speed (get the Spaceballs reference?)


Okay, everybody come forward so we can get to Planing Speed


Did I mention, go to Planing Speed

Thanks Kent for the great story – All photos Kent O. Smith Jr

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Love it, Love it, Love it!

    I always get excited when I get an e-mail that there is a Kent O. Smith Jr. story on WB. Your photographic eye is amazing!

  2. gene porter
    gene porter says:

    Thanks JR, nice to see a Lyman braving the weather. I hope to make this show next year.

  3. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Man, that looks just like Seattle show weather! Those GarWoods are showing the power of the Ace, it appears… 😉
    Looks like a great event, regardless of the weather – smiles all around.

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