Kent O. Smith Jr Reports In From Clayt O.N 2014


BOING! That is one nice XK! Kent’s off and running

Thanks to Kent and his amazing eyeball we get a little taste of this years big Clayton show. We will have a full report later, and knowing Kent the shots will be stunning, so we are more than happy to wait. Also a big thanks to the good folks at the Antique Boat Museum who gave us total access to everything so we can share with you all on your sofas! The new energy at the Museum is fantastic and is reflected in this years huge 50th show!

The Thousand Islands -The most amazing location in North America for boating.

The Thousand Islands -The most amazing location in North America for boating.



Todays header un cleaned up. Can you spot the difference?



The beauty of age!



What ever it takes to stand out. Chad your plastic Lilys are being challenged here.



If you hurry you may be able to get a ride today..



A nice pic of the town


This says it all!



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  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Thought we’d have some of those new fangled drone shots giving those of us who didn’t make it, the really big picture.

    • Kent O
      Kent O says:

      There are a couple folks here with drones, I’ll try to get a link from them for the shots – I don’t own one….maybe I could get one crowd funded?? 🙂

  2. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Those are plastic?! I thought they magically appeared where ever he tied up. The dream is ruined.

  3. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Genious Matt,

    You just started the first hybrid virtual boat show!!!! I can’t wait until the dead of winter to see the full first annual boat show!!!

  4. red dog
    red dog says:

    mr staib please don’t ” dog” the silver bullet.. they are not that bad real cold and after a couple of them most all beers go down easy kent thanks for the pictures please send more

  5. Wyatt G
    Wyatt G says:

    “Todays header un cleaned up. Can you spot the difference?”

    oohh-oohh, let me guess please, please= is it the white flag pole and green flag that were removed?
    awesome location and some cool woodies there! nice pics

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