Lake Dora is A Go-A. Have We All Lost Our Minds…a?

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I am half smiling. I deal with anxiety with humor.

This is one of those topics that really has no wrong answer, so feel free to comment. Do you go or no go? That is something that is up to you. Not the herd. It works both ways, one wants to run and hide, and has very reasonable reasons why. The other feels the same way, yet is going because others are going. Equally as nuts.

Hi Jim. This will be as close as we all get. We can adopt the “WAVE”

For the record, do NOT feel any team spirit here to go. It aint worth it. After all, we are mostly in the age zone, as is most of the State Of Florida.  Nothing is worth your life and health and others. AND, this is important. I feel a responsibility to do my part and encourage others to do the same and do not spread this crap.

Ya, this takes on a whole new meaning now

But. If you calm down and think it through. You are really not doing anything different that if you were at home. There won’t be a crowd anymore. I will be boating. With my pal Wayne, and some others in their boats. Outside in the sun. Not at home in the house watching the world come to an end. If a asteroid was headed here, this is I guess how I would go. Out on my boat.


So each reason is reasonable-ish. I will NOT be shaking hands, or getting close. I will be performing social distancing as many of us all should. And depending on the situation, may not sell stuff. Not sure, I will say I have the germ of an idea brewing.. THINK T-SHIRT CANNONS!!!!!! I am playing this day by day. But I am gonna put the Stinky in the drink for sure. And will have some sort of things to talk about. THAT IS ALSO FOR SURE.

Haz-Matt on the scene

The part I am most excited about is going to it to report on it. I mean it’s not like I am going into Chernobyl to pull some nuclear rods? To the good folks that live in Sunnyland, this is home, and safe, just like you feel safe at home.

Keep our distance

I will be at a the house on Lake Dora with Troy and his computer!!!!!!!!!! Let’s just say, you will want to tune in.  And so if all hell breaks loose. Mmm, containment on Lake Dora? mmmm Or in DC? Dora? DC? Sun, warmth, or Politics and traffic? mmmmmm.. YA!

Stinky is ready

All set.. ish

This years Lake Dora event will be unique for sure. Different, and a once in a whats left of our lifetime thing. But, together, without being together we will get through this and have stories to tell our families, families. I do feel that we need to be responsible, sensitive to others and do our part to keep us all safe.

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  1. Mahoganymadness
    Mahoganymadness says:

    8 months talk and planning…2 months prepping boat…2 weeks sand and revarnish(not happy with btw)..2 more weeks loosing sleep on what can go wrong…2 day trip down 1000 miles driven..arrive 4 days early to make sure everything works. Change plan for wife to drive down instead of fly 30 minute crisis .now the part we wanted to do canceled………is it to early to start drinking

  2. Ranger
    Ranger says:

    We’re working so can’t attend the show but our fingers are crossed that we can get the boat in the water for a day and run over. Of course, this is the exact same plan we had last year and it didn’t quite work out so… we may or may not see you :/

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, “Wow what a ride!”

  4. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Hmmm, I wonder what this will do to the price of boats when all the old medically compromised white men pass on because they had to go to Florida? To many people don’t yet understand that this is a herd event, you catch the virus and bring it home to your family, then what?

  5. Dave Montrois
    Dave Montrois says:

    Cancelling the show would be the the right thing to do. We all have to have a role in curtailing the growth of this virus, and I think this is careless and disrespectful to all those events around the country and all over the world that have cancelled. Who wants to fly in? Who stayed in that hotel room the night before you did? Irresponsible and inconsiderate to others who are making a sacrifice. Just my opinion.

  6. CC Hound
    CC Hound says:

    I also agree with Dave’s comments. They should cancel the show like all other events that have been canceled around the country. It is irresponsible to proceed with the show.

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Unfortunately I can’t make it anyway. If you do or do not have it does not make any difference, Im SURE however that you and Troy could put together a hell of a virtual show. Either way I will follow.

  8. Jim G
    Jim G says:

    Think of all those gas pump handles you touched to get there and while pumping how many times you touched your face and don’t remember doing it.

    Now the experts are saying the virus can live up to 3 hours on a surface.

  9. Bill & Linda
    Bill & Linda says:

    We have to agree with Dave; cancelling would be the responsible thing to do.

    But we are west coast and would not go anyway. What is a Go-A ?

  10. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Been here since Monday, and have boated every chance we get. Perfect weather and calm waters. Plan to attend the show as we’re already here. Statistically, as Jan & I are already in excellent health…even in the remote chance we catch the bug we’ll experience flu-like symptoms for a few days and then be fine. Worth the risk for us. Maybe not the best choice if you have other serious health issues. Plus, we want to support all of Sunnyland’s hard work.

  11. Matt
    Matt says:

    There is a Live update in a new story. Everyone understands the situation. I think they are creating an area for folks that are already there, and plan vacations around this to be able to go boating.

  12. Richard Rahn
    Richard Rahn says:

    If the event is not cancelled it would be interesting to see a follow up report on attendees health. Protecting people’s ID just the numbers (14-28 days later) on any positive cases for covid-19. Not trying to be morbid or rain on anyones parade Strictly looking at this from a scientific and health point of view.
    Around here (SF bay area) things are really changing fast. It’s no longer business as usual.

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