Lake Gaston, Greenwood Lake, Tahoe?


Algonac, and the steeple.. I bow to it each morning I am there.

One of the more interesting, and frustrating things we do here at Woody Boater this time of year is to decide on which shows we are going to go to.  This year is the most challenging of our past 4 year history. To many shows, not enough Texx, and Matt. Yes, if you have seen me, there is enough of me to go around. but i can’t send 30lbs of flab to Michigan and expect folks to be happy talking to a glob of pizza fat sitting at a table.. OK that went a tad far.. BUT.. it is a problem. For example. the Weekend  June 25… Lake Hopatcong, AND Algonac.. TWO shows.. That I really really want to go to.. Where will I be…. Boulder. Yes, life got in the way of those shows. The good news is that there are now thousands of Woody Boaters out there and all with cameras.. So we can report from those shows. But I don’t get to sniff the varnish in Michigan… And I am not happy about that. I am happy to report though that we are set to show up at some normally un published shows. Lake Gaston on May 21, it’s on the border of Virginia, and North Carolina. We will be hang’n with fellow Woody Boater Dick Kish and his magnificent Gar Wood Misty Morning. Our plans right now are to also make it to St. Mary’s in Maryland, Greenwood Lake in mid July,.. This used to be an amazing show and this year will get a ton of attention.. Heck, babe Ruth used to boat on Greenwood lake.. Of course Clayton and the fun charity auction put on by Antique Boat America. , and then the mother load of shows. Tahoe Aug 12-13. Tahoe will be our major event this year. Texx will be there , and the plan is that Paul our Roving from the side of the road reporter will “try” and make it. Oh is is booked.. But will his car make it? We all have to wait and see. Don Ayers will be there with his one magnificent camera eye. So we are all set and very excited. Even the boatress is planning to make an appearance. Then the summer gets silly. One other show that we are going to try and make it, hell or high water is Hessle.. We are trying to make the big Idaho three club show and then another small show. Reedville, in my home town. This show is small, but may be the only time that if you are so inclined.. To see the US mail Boat and Thayer IV together in one place. We have looked over these boats now and sadly shipping them around the country in there current state is not good. Eventually we would just trailer them to death. They need to be preserved. So Reedville in September will be there only show together. So stay tuned. Texx also will be hammering away at a ton of shows this year. So hopefully we will be able to be at the shows that you want to see. And if not, we can always deputize you and you to can become a Woody Reporter.

What an amazing moment in time..

Here is a list of the shows we are going to try and make it to this year.

Lake Gaston NC
One in Minnesota or Michigan in June, July, August.. We are hell bent on making it to the M states! HESSLE!
Add another M state Maryland to St Marys Show.
Sandpoint Idaho in Early July (Texx, judging).
South Lake Tahoe in late July.
Greenwood Lake
Clayton NY ( John Judging)
Tahoe Concours (Texx judging) early August.
Gathering of the Gar Woods (Monday after Tahoe)
Pacific Northwest Regional Show mid August in Coure d’ Alene.
Flathead Lake ACBS in Montana mid August.
Reedville VA Thayer IV and Mariah together
Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Thayer or Mail Boat
ACBS International in Wisconsin Sept.
Pacific Nothwest ACBS Chapter Mahogany & Merlot Oct.

This list is subject to some change, based on whims and bribes!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Don’t forget about the “M” show in St. Clair, Michigan on July 16th if you really don’t make the other “M” show in Algonac.

  2. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    Matt and Texx . . . after the International Show, motor on down to Grand Lake, Oklahoma the very next weekend for the Heartland Classics’ Mahogany and Chrome Antique and Classic Boat Show September 30th! We’ll treat ya right! Come early even for pre-show events!

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    For me, as much as I like shows, I actually like to be out in the boats. Because of where we live, there is already a ton of driving involved to get to most of these shows. We need to plan these trips well in advance. With Sunnyland under our belt, I see Sandpoint, our local show at Sicamous, Tahoe and the International. Might possibly stop at a show in Idaho because it will be on the way home from Tahoe.

    That is already a ton of driving and with taking boats to them all, it gets costly at $4 gas/diesel. Lastly, to get to more shows just takes too much time out of our short season and I want to use the damn things, not show them constantly. I don’t want to be on the road all summer long.

    Matt and Texx need to be on the water and in their boats -let your network of correspondants keep the world up to date.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    With all this moving around you’re going to be harder to track than Bin Laden. Will have to call in Seal Team Six to keep an eye on you.

  5. alex
    alex says:

    Hessel welcomes you with open arms.
    “Is that so? How late do you stay open?”

    (It’s an old Groucho Marx joke.)

    See it here at 0:45.

    Actually, see the whole hilarious thing. Classic humor for classic boat owners.

  6. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    Right now the Hessel Chamber of Commerce is trying to figure out how to dis associate with Alex….

  7. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    Well Matt, I hope Chad doesn’t leave you standing on the dock all weekend at Hessel. Sorry Chad couldn’t resist the jab:) You better take extra advil to that show Matt, I swear looking at 10-15 of every CC in pristine condition made my head hurt, but what a display. I’ll see ya at Lake Gaston. Servral of the boats from Smith Mt. are coming.

    • chad
      chad says:

      Phil, you’ll get a ride one of these days, I promise.

      Just be sure to bring your 5 gallon bucket.

  8. mark edmonson
    mark edmonson says:

    Matt, I would say skip Algonac, you have been there, St. Clair is much better venue. Closer to the big Lake Huron

  9. Woody
    Woody says:

    Infant to do both. Actually what I want to do
    Is rent a home in Michigan for a month and just wallow in it’s splendor and enjoy the great folks up there.

    • mark edmonson
      mark edmonson says:

      Great idea, will look for a nice home on the river /lake with a dock so all your friends can pick you up for boat rides…..

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