Lake Hartwell Calls You This Weekend! And If You Are Hard Of Hearing.. The APALACHICOLA RIVERFRONT IS YOUR TICKET.

Here is the official poster

Feeling the void from some boat show fun? Well, head on down, up, or over to Lake Hartwell GA. This is a stunning location right in the heart of Georgia. Feel what this summer will be like two months before it hits you up north. I would send you to the site for more info, but there website is not live.  Or if you want more heat, keep heading south and enjoy a little Florida fun before natures thermostat is turned up to incinerate. Both these events are in the ACBS Calendar on the left. The Gar Wood thing looks actually very cool. So if you are not interested in a 15 hr drive and still need your fix.. Maybe they can get you in.. It’s a RSVP thing.. Only Real Smart Vice Presidents are allowed in.. So it should be a small crowd… RIM SHOT HERE…..

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  1. Allen
    Allen says:

    We are all so fortunate that you guys have provided us all with such great up dates and heads-up on the “goings on” in the Woody Boater ville. Events are growing in participation every year because you help get the word out. Much thanks from the Michigan Chapter of ACBS for your help in getting the word out for us ALL…’all !!!

  2. Rory Hamilton
    Rory Hamilton says:

    I’m having a great time at Al Olsens boat shop! They are running an excellent hands-on workshop and lunch!!

  3. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    Can’t make it this year. Don’t seem to remember where I put my d&^% bucket, and I an’t going nowhere without it

  4. ranger
    ranger says:

    beautiful lake, great people…wish we were there!!!

    the town is celebrating the 50th anniversary of lake hartwell, if you are in the area you definitely should meander over that way!

  5. Jerri
    Jerri says:

    I don’t know how they do it, but this show gets better every year! Home Depot supplied the buckets and the ferry to Hagerty Island for the luau. The Friday symposium was fantastic, thanks Al. And today’s show was a winner.

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