Lake Hopatcong, Photo's Coming In. Nothing Debaucherous… Yet!

Sorry to disappoint all of you, all the photos coming from fellow Woodyboater Robert Kays from Lake Hopatcong do not include shots from the cocktail party. Just killer boats… OK and some cheerleaders.

1962 22′ CC Holiday 2008 winner Best in Show preserved

Finito 1955 21′ CC Cobra owned by Seth and Renee Katz The last 21′ Cobra produced
Cheerleader 17′ CC Special Runabout owned by Russ Fisher pictured are his granddaughters.

Miss Mohawk 19′ 1961 CC Capri owned by Seth and Renee Katz The last all wood runabout produced by Chris Craft also Best in Show restored 2009
Jennifer 1966 16′ 4″ Century Resorter owned by Anthony Picheca since purchased in on Lake Hopatcong in 1966
Best Buddy II 1955 20′ CC Continental owned by Bob and Denise Kays
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Great pics! Encouraging to see that even the best break down, though; check out last year's best in show's missing "gold c's" on the starb. side. I'm not feeling so bad about a few raised bungs anymore…

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