Lake Hopatcong Show, Tradition Despite The Grey Skies!

Bob Kays took advantage of the little sun that came out! Perfect shot!

A huge shout out to fellow Woody Boater bob ” Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays for sending us in this report from Lake Hopatcong. Thanks to Bobs great camera skills, and other skills….

The show began with wet and wind

Anyway, Bob was able to get some great photos.

You needed True Grit a few times during the show

Like Christmas in June for Lake Hopatcong Woody Boaters, the 44th Annual show was a fun time for all.

Bob Rice arriving to put on his head judge hat

Katelyn Marsden and her Dad Syd are damp and in he pink

A Beautiful Holiday Liquid Asset

5 Nice selection of outboards this year

A nice display

These ladies were happy. Why not. spending the day at a beautiful site not spilling the drink on the boat

The man, the myth, the legend, Wayne Mocksfield never misses a show


The show was so good he time traveled back from George Washington’s camp in Morristown


The Murphs Grandchildren are future woody boaters

The day ends in the beautiful Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club with awards and dinner

Just to prove the sun does shine in NJ Cruise night started off the weekend Thursday night

A full boat is always more fun

Best in Show Non Wood “Nabila” Don Ploetner

Best in Show Preserved “Norweign Wood” Bob Larson

Best in Show Restored “Plaidtastic” Seth and Renee Katz

One thing about a rainy day. Beautiful Sunsets! bob Rice took full advantage of the day!

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  1. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Very high quality boats and excellent photo shots are Bob’s signature. Great to see Wayne Mocksfield and Syd Marsden, some of the hobbies longtime anchors of “the scene” still contributing.

  2. Lee Wangstad
    Lee Wangstad says:

    An earlier time at Lake Hopatcong. I wonder if that is Albert Hickman demonstrating one of his Sea Sleds to the right? Maybe 1920’s? I’m sure Bob knows.

    • Bob Kays
      Bob Kays says:

      Lee that image is at Bertrand Island Amusement Park. There was a Sea Sled type on the lake. Will look for a picture, very cool boat.

  3. Edward Chewning
    Edward Chewning says:

    We drove up from Elizabeth City NC . It was a good show ,they expected a few more boats,I’m sure they weather deterred some. They Yacht Club is great an everyone was great( Bloody Marys and burgers were great) The biggest highlight was a visit to KATZ Marina. Their work on these boats is outstanding,but the finish is flawless! Thier reputation is well deserved. The inventory in storage is outstanding.

  4. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    Stupid autocorrect …Nabila. I’m starting to think Matt doesn’t actually have a spelling problem. It’s the darn autocorrect

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