Lake Mohawk-Saturday Or Bust!


They tell me everyone wears a mohawk there, thats its very normal.. I hope they are not kidding me..

Once or twice a year there is a special event that takes place were you drop everything and go to it. Well, this is the first of such events. I am not sure what the other is.. That’s part of the fun. We are looking forward to our planned events, Like Tahoe, Clayton, And The big Auction In Geneva lake. But this weekend.. Not on the planned agenda is Lake Mohawk NJ.. A private lake with killer boats. Nice boats, not boats with teeth.. For gods sake its just a figure of speech…. About 20 minutes from Lake Hopatcong, one of my faves.. This small lake is going to put on a great party for Classic boat lovers. No real fancy anything, not really an ACBS event. Just a fun get together. That’s a Woody Boater type event for sure. A celebration of the lifestyle, the fun part of boating.. And yes, there will no doubt be bung conversation. This group is very fun, but competitive. Which means one thing.. Fantastic over the top rare boats. It will also be the very last time the world will be able to see the two On Golden Pond main picture boats together before they go into full preservation/restoration. Also the Bat Boat KAPOW! will be there and other fun cool stuff. It a spectacular setting with some very hospitable people. It started as a dream by a small group from the local gang there.. they expected 20 folks for the party and a half dozen boats.. Lets just say that the current count for dinner is 87.. And boats, boats, boats.and more boat on boat action is planned to be there.. . So if you live near NJ, and who doesn’t. Get out your speed pass and march on up, down or over. We will be there for sure.. Hat and all. Party starts at 11, ends around 4.. Then a dinner.. and then a fun sun set cruise of the lake. Now I just need to figure out this razor thing.. .. and sun scream for my chromeish dome!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    But are they down to earth enough for Chicken-on-a-stick? Or are they more the Grey Poupon type?

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Matt will be appearing in the Stardust Lounge for one night only doing his unique brand of comedy. Admission is with ownership papers of a mahogany boat, well made captains cap or proof of another Thayer IV boat currently in your possession.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Private lake and country club in NJ? I would expect Grey Poupon served with silver. No chicken on a stick unless it is an elegantly executed satay, but on the plus side, Snookie is not likely to be there.

  4. matt
    matt says:

    Oh! Dam, they said to shave my head and that Snookie, Bon Jovi, and Bruce Springstein would be there. Wait one second.. Ya mean this is going to be a normal nice event with nice old wood boats in a very nice setting.. What the.. No hot tub, hogies… Ripped abbs.. What the hell..

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Sorry, no Snookie, Jovi, or Springstein.

    But I gather Murf and the Magictones will be playing at the Holiday Inn. If that’s not your style, down the road, at Bob’s Country Bunker, you’ll find the Good Ole’ Boys.

    “Well it’s a BEAUTIFUL place Bob!”

  6. matt
    matt says:

    The thing is, that its absolutly stunning there..the area is rich in history and respect for things that continue that history.. And I am sure i will belly laugh for 24 hrs.. Fun crowd

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      There is nothing wrong with spending a weekend with a little Grey Poupon with the country club crowd every now and then. Some of them are nice people.

  7. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    BTW Matt….that is the worst looking mohawk I’ve ever seen. I thought you were better at photo shop than that!

  8. Kwmpa
    Kwmpa says:

    i was at Katz’s Marina today discussing getting my restoration started and they were preping for the show and hauling boats up…

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