Lake Tahoe Boat Show, This Year, I Am Going To Win…ish!

I so need an airplane for my photo shoots now!

As you may recall, last year we entered Sweet Pea into the Lake Tahoe Boat Show. We did well, shockingly well. We had to virtually haul that dam trawler across the county and over the mountains for our award that we were robbed of. But that’s another story. Bitter? No not so much… BUT! This year, we are going to enter again, and this time it may take more than just a truck. What are we entering? OH, just you wait and see. It’s a logistics thing, but I think we can pull it off.

Oh that old thing.

I am going to bring home a Tahoe Award! Its a bucket list goal, and I dont have the balls to haul a boat across the country..and back, Okay, maybe I have the balls, its the other parts of me. Back, Butt, Pee machine, you get it. But with the virtual thing, this may be my only chance. And the window is closing.

Okay, thats more like it.

Just think, your boat mixed in with the magical boats of Lake Tahoe?

Excuse me, mind if I barge in here?

Here is Terry and the official video and STAY TUNED FOR THE NEW ENTRY.


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  1. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    Maybe part of the reason for the lack of comments is that here in Michigan we are dealing with major power outages and/or getting ready for the Hessell Boat Show this weekend. At least this weekend we are looking at clear sky’s and mid 70’s for a change.

  2. Robert E Schantz
    Robert E Schantz says:

    Christmas morning is almost here and going side by side from Cedarville to Hessel with two boats is special, with the sun just coming up and the water calm in the protected channel. The rumble of a B or K or M MBL or W is like magic and watching all the new boats from all over show up… the Pancake breakfast, Mertaugh’s, traditional U.P. flavor, clean water and the north… you just can’t beat it and the people are nice and kind. two days to go!!!!!

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