Lake Tahoe Concours – 26 Barrelbacks Confirmed For 2014, Vintage V-12s For 2015!

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Ol' Glory

“OL’ GLORY” – 1942 19′ Chris-Craft Custom Runabout (Hull # 48904) owned by Ken & Susan Slaght from San Diego, California.

The 2014 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance entry list is now complete with 70 wooden boats registered, including 26 Marque Class Barrelbacks confirmed. We are excited to announce that Tahoe Yacht Club President David Olson has now confirmed that the Marque Class for the 2015 Concours will be Vintage V-12s!

Here’s the fresh Press Release from Lake Tahoe. – Texx

July 29th, 2014
The Lineup Has Been Announced!
More than 70 Boats On Display

The flags are up and The Tahoe Yacht Club Foudation’s Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance is excited to announce that more than 70 of the finest and rarest wooden boats in the world will be on display August 8th & 9th and Obexer’s Boat Company in Homewood, California.

Cracker Barrel - Don Ayers Photo

“CRACKER BARREL” – 1941 19’ Chris-Craft Custom Runabout (Hull #48879) presented by John & Mary Lahti, Kelseyville, California. (Photo by Don Ayers)

“The history of Obexer’s, founded in 1911 and the first wooden boat dealership on Lake Tahoe, is as classic as the boats themselves,” according to Tahoe Yacht Club President David Olson.

“In bringing the show back to the West Shore, however, we wanted to ensure that we could continue to host as many boats as our guests have come to expect in recent years,” Olson said. “We are thrilled to have worked out a plan with Obexer’s management to accomplish that goal while also having even more space for our vendors and sponsors.”

You can Click Here to see the documentation and history behind many of the boats that will be featured at this year’s Lake Tahoe Concours, which is presented by Tahoe Luxury Properties and Niello Porsche. (It may take a few seconds for the show catalog pages to load, but it’s a great read).

The recent announcement that the Marque Class for the 2015 Concours will feature Vintage V-12s is another first for the Tahoe Concours organizers, and we look forward to the wide range of rare V-12 based engines that emerge for the show in 2015. Each and every one is truly a work of art and timeless engineering, evoking memories of the golden age of boating, and boat racing from the early 1900’s to the later technology used in marine applications. – Texx


Lee Anderson’s “Apache II” a 1922 29′ Hacker Gentlemen’s Race Boat powered by a 400hp Liberty aircraft engine. (Dane Anderson photo)


The amazing 1929 Hispano-Suiza V-12 in Kermit Suttons 1926 30′ Belle Isle Super Bear Cat, which produces 650 HP / 2,000 ft pounds of torque at 2,000 RPM. (Dane Anderson photo)

In addition to the boats on display in the harbor for the 2014 show, the two-day Concours offers vendor booth displays, a Wine Village, food-and-drink court with live music, and private VIP Sponsor Lounge.

Tickets for the 2014 Lake Tahoe Concours show and accompanying Wooden Boat Week events are available online at:

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About the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance:

The Concours d’Elegance, begun in 1982 by Tahoe Yacht Club, has grown from an informal gathering of club members’ wooden boats to one of the most prestigious judged showings of vintage water craft in the nation.

The Foundation was created in 1994 with the specific purpose of continuing the club’s dedication to expanding boating education and opportunities on Lake Tahoe by hosting the Concours d’Elegance show and accompanying events of Wooden Boat Week. As an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, TYCF is able to solicit corporate and personal sponsorships for the event with proceeds granted back to Lake Tahoe Basin non-profit organizations. The show – sponsors, exhibitors and attendees – is open to the public.

Tahoe Concours Poster

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  1. Cobourg Kid
    Cobourg Kid says:

    Nice header but what’s with rafting three of “the finest and rarest wooden boats in the world”. Where the heck are the the boat fenders? … CRUNCH !

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Ha. Canadians and their obsession with fenders. Like Rain Man. No fenders No Fenders NO FENDERS!!!

      (Sorry CK but that was a gentle lob. If I didn’t swing at it, someone else would’ve.”

    • Brian Flaherty
      Brian Flaherty says:

      CK, I am an AMERICAN! And I had the exact same thought when I saw the header… So it’s not just a Canadian thing, it’s a boater thing…

      Upon further inspection of the photo, they appear to be drifting, In calm seas. There is also a noticable gap between all the boats but with the camera angle it looks like they are rafting but really they are just floating near each other. I think fenders would have definitely distracted from the beauty of the photo as all of the boats would have fenders tied to vents, steering wheels or windshield brackets…

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Thanks for the extra pictures Don!

      They get more and more interesting as they go along.

      Hope there are yet more to come!

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I don’t understand why the cap’n of the 19 footer isn’t grinning from ear to ear. I guess he’s a serious dude.

  3. Don Ayers
    Don Ayers says:

    He is always all smiles. That’s Mr. Tahoe, as I call him, John Lahti of Tahoe fame…

    Here he is in 2002 before the boat was restored. We drove it over to the Concours hoping it would not sink. Good Times

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Keep in mind two things. First, the photos are carefully arranged. Arms were extended holding the boats apart right before and right after the shutter clicked. That is not a candid shot of the guys randomly drifting the afternoon away. No boats are harmed in the making of a Woodyboater header, and Woodyboater photographers rarely engage in animal testing.

    Second, had there been a fender within 500 yards of the scene, Matt would have expertly photoshopped it out. The headers Sunday and Monday a couple weekends back with Tobler on the beach and in the Penn Yan were created from much less artistic photographs that I provided. Matt may not be able to spehl, but he is a wizzard and artiste with Photoshop!

  5. matt
    matt says:

    I can see the image very lage by the way, I went Perez Hilton on it to help understand that these craft were under control.

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