Land Cruising To Algonac This Weekend?

Just don’t shoot your dog!

The big Algonac Show is this weekend, and for some, okay anyone that owns a Chris – Craft, a pilgrimage. And rightfully so. This is where is all began, and keeps on delivering. The gang up there is beyond cool, welcoming and fun. And the best part is the show is on sacred ground and water. Right at the old Chris Craft Plant. Now a very cool Marina that fellow Woody Boater Pete Bauregard restored and maintains. Fellow Woody Boater David Irvine will be there in his Land Cruiser Trailer and made this cool collection of Trailers to invite others out there to share info. So today we expand that joy to reach out to anyone out there that wants to shack up with David. Take it away David!

This poster presentation lists the six known Chris Craft Land Cruiser Camper Kits known to exist. My 8th Grade History Teacher and friend Spencer Adkins, Sr. knew I had acquired this camper and found an original 50-page instruction manual that no one knew existed. I have shared it with the six owners, as well as the Mariners Museum in Newport News, VA

A true beauty

I had read an article about the Chris Craft Land Cruiser that the co-owners, Mike Teusink and Kirk Wingard, had found and restored. After fully restoring theirs, I “heard” that they acquired a second one only 10 miles from their shop. I had lunch with Kirk at an ACBS event in Cassopolis in April 2017, and had asked if their shop Wooden Runabout Co.  had to restore the second one before they were ready to sell it. Kirk said, “No!” so, for about a year and a half, I continued to think about it and finally decided, “If I don’t get this camper, I might lose my opportunity.” It made its debut at our house on Christmas morning 2019 nestled in the pines by a campfire. I’ve worked on it over the past six months and it’s now in usable condition. Continued restoration will be ongoing over the next two years. Our family has owned a wooden boat since 1973, built by Chris-Craft employee. I’m from Algonac, Mi, home of Chris-Craft, so this purchase is very meaningful for many reasons.

David Irvine
Shelbyville, Southwest MI

George Marsh’s Trailer

I was looking on the back roads up by Reed City and saw some old campers.  I liked the look of this one the best.  It had been used as a chicken coop with no interior at all.  I couldn’t find any information on it. I happened on it when I was looking at a West Michigan Vintage Boats type of club on Facebook. I paid $300 for it, which was way too much, I thought, but I liked it.  The guy thought I was buying it to make a small hauling trailer.

George Marsh
Big Rapids, West Michigan

Sakibear’s back yard trailer

This photo was the original ad from when I bought my trailer in August 2018.  I found the ad on Facebook marketplace and it was simply titled “vintage camper for sale”. I drove to Holt, Michigan, and was able to talk the guy down to about $1,100. We had no idea what it was until a vintage trailer expert told me it was the elusive 1954 Chris-Craft Land Cruiser. When it came to me the interior walls were covered with carpet squares and some cheap light-colored paneling over the original birch. Since the birch was not salvageable, we are in the process of minor rebuild. The wood framework in the front is being replaced and we are going to use a light maple for the interior to brighten it up a bit. I use the trailer for family camping as well as vintage trailer rallies. With it being a Chris-Craft, we chose to go with a nautical theme. The exterior will be somewhat polished up, but we are keeping the original skins. We like the character.


Carrie Schmidt aka “Sakibear”
Deerfield, Southeast MI

Tim went all out

That’s one fancy trailer

From what I remember, the trailer was found in Maryland.  It was purchased by an attorney in southern California who restores Chris Craft boats.  He completely disassembled it and rebuilt it from ground up.  It is totally restored.  There are a few very minor things I want to do to it, but nothing to change its originality.  It is a museum piece for sure.  Please feel free to give my contact info to any other Chris Craft Land Cruiser owner or interested party you know or meet.

Tim Nickerson
Colorado Springs, CO

Nestled in the woods

I needed a challenge. I had been on the hunt for a small vintage trailer to completely gut and redo. That’s when I came across a Facebook post of this little silver trailer located in Maryland. I didn’t know what it was or if it was worth anything. I was more excited of how little it was. My husband and I grabbed the trailer and were on the road. Once we got to the house where the trailer was located, I found out it had been in the family since it was assembled. The lady I bought it from inherited it from her dad. I tried to do some research on line and there was basically nothing out there. That’s when I posted on the Tin Can Tourist Facebook page and found Carrie Schmidt and David Irvine. They clued me in to just how rare it was and how neat it is to be a part of such a small community of owners. I don’t have plans to restore to original but more of a mostly white, nautical theme per say. I haven’t officially done anything with it but I can’t wait to actually get started.
Starr Long
Harrisburg, Pa


Wait, I think we have featured this one before. Amazing work from Wooden Runabout Co!

This is a rare 1954 Chris-Craft Land Cruiser.   We know of only five or six of these trailers in existence.  Chris-Craft produced them as a kit for fewer than 6 months during the 1954 model year.  We found this rare Chris-Craft Land Cruiser in northwest Minnesota.  Chris-Craft produced these trailers as kits for less than one year.  With the exception of the plywood floor, which we replaced, all of the components that came with the kit are still original to this trailer.

Mike Teusink
Kirk Wingard

Wooden Runabout Co.
Holland, MI

Plan your own

If anyone has any information on the Chris-Craft Land Cruisers, please contact David Irvine

Also if you want to find out more about the ALGONAC BOAT SHOW THIS WEEKEND, CLICK HERE, or just step away from the keyboard and get outside.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    We are headed down to the marina to get the fun started. Can’t wait to see David’s CC trailer. We will be headed out on the St. Clair flats this morning for a cruise and lunch at the Idle Hour Yacht Club. Come to the Michigan gang party in Algonac this weekend.

    • Scott K
      Scott K says:

      Perfect timing for good boating weather to FINALLY arrive in Michigan for the Algonac show.
      Vintage trailers and old boats go great together.
      Have fun!!!!

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Great stuff! Love these little campers.

    I see Dave qualifies as a true WoodyBoater author.
    “It made its debut at our house on Christmas morning 2019 nestled in the pines by a campfire. I’ve worked on it over the past six months and it’s now in usable condition.”
    Does this trailer also work as a time machine? Isn’t Christmas morning 2019 still 6 months in the future?

    Haven’t I seen one of these at Dora redone by Pat Crusse? I know it was immaculate. Maybe that is the one that Mike has. Am I confusing people or did the trailer change hands?

    • David Irvine
      David Irvine says:

      A few corrections should be noted. The poster presentation was done “in lieu” of my bringing the camper to Algonac this weekend. I decided to leave it in West Michigan so I could continue to polish so it use it locally. I plan to bring it to Algonac in 2020. Thank you for noticing that date. Both my sister and I noticed the Christmas 2019 error this morning and promptly reported it to Matt. I wrote this a few days ago in a hotel room late one night in Columbus Ohio when I made the decision not to bring the camper.

      Also a suggestion… Change “Where IS All Began” to IT.

      Woody boater did a wonderful article on Kirk and Mike’s Restoration around 2010 so I do not think that there is is the same camper that you mentioned. I would be interested in contacting Pat Crusse. Please either send me contact information or feel free to share my email address. I am interested in any information on these campers. Mine seems to be the only one with a serial number on the tongue and I’m trying to determine how many were actually produced.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Cool story. This is a pic of a Palace Royale I had a few years ago. It came with a piece of property that I bought in the U. P. I gave it to a guy for removing it. He is now in the process of restoring it. Old trailers are neat, especially Chris Crafts.

  4. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    The name Land Cruiser has been used by a few manufacturers to symbolize fun times. Here’s my son’s Land Cruiser when he was in college. We named it the Gland Bruiser as the ride was quite harsh.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I’ll bet they are a PIA to back up such a short wheelbase trailer. I’d extend the tongue about 4 feet. I’ve got a little longer aero version made by the Spartan Aircraft Co

    • Reddog
      Reddog says:

      5th wheel camper towing a boat. Hopefully a “toy hauler” with a motorcycle in the back with a fold down rear door.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      Buffing these aluminum RV’s is usually a 3 step process (or more depending on the condition) utilizing a twin head aircraft buffer and 3 different compounds; coarse, medium, and fine. Each step takes hours of buffing and treating or changing the buffing wheel of built up compound and aluminum “gum”. You come out looking like a coal minor after each step, aluminum polishing compound slung everywhere. There are no shortcuts as you have to start by cutting the oxidation layer first, after cutting with the compound, buffing off is done after each step

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