Late Live-ish From The Classic Boat Show In St Clair Michigan!

Thanks to fellow Woody boaters Pat Chaps and Greg Lewandowski we can all virtualy go to the St Clair show held where it all began in Michigan.. Thanks Gregg take it away..
Thanks Matt and Texx
I am passing along some nice photos taken by a local photographer, Tom Sherry, that was at our show last weekend.
The show was a great time with great weather and a fantastic display and variety of boats.  We had a total of 75 boats registered from 14 to 52 feet in length,  22 of which were Classic Glass outboards, inboard and cruisers.  About 30 boats participated in the Friday cruise down the North and Middle Channels to a chapter member’s private island for a great BBQ lunch. 
We all got to mingle and tell a lot of good stories at the Friday night welcome party. The show on Saturday drew one of the best spectator crowds that we have ever had.  We again attracted some attention with about 40 classics cruising down the South Channel to the Old Club on Harsens Island for our Sunday brunch.  Bud McIntire, Director of Development and Student Services for the Great Lakes Boat Building School was our speaker for the event.  He made a great presentation that gave us a better appreciation for what they do up in Hessel to create boat wrights that service and build the watercraft that we all love.
In summary, the show was again a great event that we all enjoyed.  We will do it again next year for our 30th anniversary!
Thanks to Greg, Pat and Tom for sharing all the fun from this past weekend in Michigan.


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  1. Speedboat Outlaw
    Speedboat Outlaw says:

    The Classic Glass boats made for an excellent addition to the Show. Spectators and participants alike were smiling and pointing at the array of craft in the water and on trailers. Thanks to the participants, some of which who drove hundreds of miles to our show, and John Gambill who did a great job of convincing his fellow Glassic boaters to attend.

  2. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    He convinced us with a cash,,he said money was no object to help his club,,hahah great time,good water,nice docks good people, well organized,look forward to next year,

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    That opening blue boat… wow!

    Now if only I could get The Jetson’s theme song out of my head.

    One small note. The Great Lakes Boat Building School is in Cedarville, MI. About 3 miles E by car, or a picturesque boat ride, from Hessel.

    Thanks Gregg, Pat, and Tom. Some day, I’ll make your show and see Harsens.

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:


      I said Hessel instead of Cedarville since I know the audience would not know Cedarville, but all varnish heads know where Hessel is. I will hold you to that commitment to come to one of our future shows!

  4. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Love the Samoa boat thing. 100hp merc. I made up my own captions, not fit to print. Introduced woody boater to the nursing staff at the Cleveland Clinic this morning. The favorite was the “Blue boat, and the long brown one was pretty.” Loads of questions… “Does it have a stero?” “Can you waterski behind it?” “Don’t those need to soak up or something for a week.” “My uncle had one just like that but the motor was in the middle and you couldn’t sleep on it and it was painted not shellacked. ” “Wow,” “I like to jet ski.”

  5. Ron
    Ron says:

    The opening photo looks as though the show has a strong showing of Cruiser boats. I like the cool little ‘glass boats, but would have loved to see some of the cruisers. Enjoyed the earlier shots of the Futuras.

    • Bill Hammond
      Bill Hammond says:


      I’m right there with you! Love to see the Cruisers! Is that yours in the Pic? What is it? Corvette? Capitan? Tell us about it.

      I had planned a big weekend at the show. Pumped it up on various Boat Forums. Had Family coming in from Georgia and were going to make the show the highlight of the weekend. Instead I ended up in the hospital with another deep seated infection! So if there are any of you out there that have more pictures, especially of the cruisers, would love to see them!

      • Ron
        Ron says:

        Hi Bill. The Chris Craft in the photo is ComOcean, a 1953 Capitan 33′. We bought it in 1994 and did a two-year indoor reconstruction. We have it in Huntington Harbor, CA, year round and get lots of time aboard. She is mostly original, with a modern repower of Marine Power 5.7’s. We have a lot of shots on line. ….. you can click on my name above and get more shots. Sorry to hear you had to miss that show, I would like to have gone too.

        We just had a nice showing of all manner of wood boats at the Wooden Boat Festival at Balboa Yacht Club in Newport Beach, CA. Cruisers, Runabouts, and Sailboats alike. That show can be found on Flickr.

  6. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Nice 65 era Pacemaker Sedan Convertible. I used to own one and it was a great boat!
    Thanks for all the great pictures. Including the Aliens.

    • Bill Hammond
      Bill Hammond says:


      Agree w/Pacemaker comment! Love those double doors that open up the Helm to the Cockpit! Nice idea.

  7. Bertsboat
    Bertsboat says:

    Not to mention that the 1972 Fino belonging to Bill and Jan Stephenson of Marine City took BEST OF SHOW and it’s the first fiberglass boat to do so ine history of the ACBS. And the competition was stiff with boats the likes of John Gambles Chris Craft XK22 not to mention the black Beauty to name a few.
    Congratulations Bill and Jan!!

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