Late Live-ish From Bay Harbor Vintage Car And Boat Festival


Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Mark Edmonson for sending in this report from Bay Harbor in Michigan. Now, Mark sent in the winners, No Chicken dinner shots AND some with no captions. So YES SIR, I get to make them up. And this one is going to be bad, cause many of these boats are way out of my league, AMAZING! If you have never been to Bay Harbor, it’s a VERY nice place.  Right on the shore of Lake Michigan. So hefty larger boats are defiantly used. But many of these come from around the smaller lakes in the area. Michigan’s finest. Take it away Mark.

Twin BPM V-12’s

As with Lake Hopatcong and Algonac, we headed north from Lexington,  the rain was very persistent and our hopes were slim on good weather. But the weather gods came through.

Mark Calls this, Through the screen. It illustrates that he is behind a window, shooting out to a calm day. So those Michigan Mosquitoes cant come in.

The sky opened and the sun shined for Saturday’s events. There was a wonderful show of vintage cars and boats

At the Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival.  Here is the list of winners.

2017 Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival Boat Award Winners


Best in Show
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Mecum
1949 Hacker-Craft “Wah Wah Taysee”

Its one of those!


Best in Class – Small Craft

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kelly

1921 Thompson Brother’s Canoe “Carolyn:

In the Mood and some amazing water

Best in Class – Pre-War Antique

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edmonson

1939 Chris-Craft “In the Mood”

Best in Class – Classic and Early Contemporary

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Spillane

1948 Garwood “Brilliant!”

Best in Class – Contemporary Classic

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Demmer

2015 Garwood “Bombshell”

Best in Class – Cruiser

Mr. and Mrs. John Winn

1936 Stephens “Zita Anne”


Most Original

Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeBoer

1954 Chris-Craft “Baby Grand”

Most Elegant

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roskam

1940 Burger Flush Deck Canoe Stern Cruiser “Pilgrim”


Most Significant

Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Sutton

2017 VanDam Custom “Catnip”

OK, phew, here are some pics to complete the story.

High Performance Award

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hilldore

2008 Hacker-Craft “Lickety Split”

People’s Choice Award

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Morley

1947 Century Seamaid “For Pete’s Sake”

Thats one long boat! Dart Boat Co.

A Jeffery Breen. Insane interior. How cool is that.

Stunning Grand Craft!


A Christi Craft?

Very very cool

Something huge. Near a flag banner. Thats all I got



Jeffrey Breen’s “The Apprenticeship”. Just beautiful

Jeffrey Breen’s “The Apprenticeship”. Just beautiful

Fiat Jolly in a wonderful Mint Green

I think thats all, the boats are so over the top its hard to pick a favorite. How does one even judge a show like this?

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The boats and cars look nice, but the shorts the people are wearing are rather drab and boring.

    • Howard Lehman
      Howard Lehman says:

      Mecum Auctions sold this at the 2010 Winsted Auction in Minnesota. The boat was named “Thunderballs” at the time. I don’t know when Mr Mecum purchased the boat.

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    Just not enough days in a last weekend to enjoy the GREAT shows. I was fortunate to be in Algonac on Friday and Bay Harbor on Saturday. Once AGAIN the Michigan Chapter sets the bar very high in putting on a great show and hosting the ACBS Quarterly Board Meeting. The Friday evening cruise on the St Clair River was a very special opportunity.
    As for Bay Harbor, when a Woodyboater gets to walk the docks and see some of the (as Mark said) most “AMAZING” boats, it is a special treat. Thanks to all of those that work so hard to put on the many shows.

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      Rob, I’m glad you enjoyed the St. Clair River cruise last Friday, and we intend to set the bar even higher for the ACBS International event in Port Huron next year. Stay tuned for details!

    • Mark Edmonson
      Mark Edmonson says:

      Lots Of hidden gems in Michigan both boats and show. Come visit Lexington’s 1st annual Antique & Classic Boat Show July 15th…

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