Late-Live-ish From Lake Hopatcong

Before the show getting ready!

This years Lake Hopatcong show was a huge success. Now of course all I have is photos, so I will need to make up the rest of the story. But Bob Kays photos are worth weeding through my bad spelling, poor grammar and completely made up captions. Hey!! You want to know the real story.. Then go to the show and see it for yourself. Here we go! LIVE-Ish From Lake Hopatcong!

Jara heading to the show in ..well..  Best In Show Winner “Jara”

Seth in Thayer IV – the On Golden Pond film boat

Bob Kays boat at the show

A wonderful turn out at the Blue Shirt convention?

I’m okay! It’s just a dark blue shirt.

More blue shirts!

Blue Shirts in a blue boat.

Mr Blue shirt – Ya ya, wave, when will this ride be over. I’m getting wet, and my blue shirt is gonna get wet.

Feather Craft and a blue shirt.

Wayne… And another blue shirt testing out his new suberine

Best Buddy headed out for a nice ride

Blue water, blue shirts

I guarantee there is a blue shirt on board!

Blue Fender cover.. A fender shirt?

Blue lines!

Miss America at the Yacht Club

Charles Mistele with ACBS International President Stan Struble and Bob Kays. Chales made the long trip with his lovely wife Diane

Tylers first boat show with Alex and I checking out Wayne’s boat

Tyler and Alex

A wonderful Aubern at the Club

A wonderful scene, hey wait, where is Miss America IX ?

There she is, headed out for some fun


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Miss America IX rumble #classicboat #boat #missamerica thanks @bobkays1 @jararae01

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Chuck and Jara out in full outfit

Good lord. Very rare shot of the bow rudder

Amazing shots Bob!

Back at the dock

and out again

Oh hell ya! Wake up the lake!

How much fun does that look like? Ya.. LOTS of fun


More Bow rudder and love the flow of water!

The water was a tad rough, so she was not really ever under full throttle. Good god!

Back to the Marina!

Apparently the ride tore up Jara’s Jeans!

Jara and a new Shirt!

Mahogany magic at the Marina

At the end of the day. So sad days like this have to end!


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  1. Jani V
    Jani V says:

    Great event and awesome photos! When I get all the way there here from Finland I promise I won’t be wearing a blue shirt. I’ll have a blue suit instead! 😎

    • Torben K
      Torben K says:

      I will join from Germany and let‘s take some of our European or at least Nordic friends with us, Jani! 😉👍

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Wow, looks like it was pretty rough waters there, or was Bob driving around in his wake boarding boat so he could make waves and get more dramatic photos? Either way, it looks like he got some calendar worthy shots!

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    President Stan and I go way back to his former life with Snap-on Tools.

    Hopatcong is another of those shows I really need to get to. It is not THAT far away, just seems hard to get anywhere this time of year.

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