Late Live-ish From Muskoka, Grey Skies, And Warm Smiles.

welcome to Portcarling

welcome to Portcarling

Thanks to Chris And Julie Bullen our Muskoka Reporters for this Late Live-ish grey sky report. WITH captions! Wow, but you defiantly get the picture with ..well, there pictures. Take it away Mr and Mrs Bullen.

lady Elgin 1929 Ditchburn38ft

Lady Elgin 1929 Ditchburn 38ft

Saturday August 13 2016, the bi annual Antique Boat Show, Hosted by the Muskoka Lakes Association This show is in the centre of the two lakes, as a result we see a number of boats that do not show up in Gravenhurst.

Res Ispo Loquitor 1955 Greavette

Res Ispo Loquitor 1955 Greavette

The show was overcast with bad weather reports from the Monday Prior. The Weather man is often wrong by the Saturday but not this time. The weekend approached the weather looked worse, heavy rain 90% and from noon on the risk of lightning. We woke up to the rain and I was wondering if anyone was going to show up. This made Julie a little happier as she had to leave and go to a Bridal shower that left me to take her boat to the show. 72 boats were on the program to celebrate the bold dramatic curves of the boats built in Muskoka and most showed up, that was incredible I think we really are hanging out with a bunch of lunatics.

Lkae Muskoka side- front 1936 seabird,1931gooderman,1926 ditchburn,Riva,1930 gidley,and Wacheewe

Lake Muskoka side- front 1936 seabird, 1931gooderman, 1926 Ditchburn, Riva, 1930 Gidley,and Wacheewe

I guess as I am in good company.  We did have an hour or two of dry air but that was it. Still it was a good time with friends and the boats. I think the Photos tell the rest of the story. Cheers Chris & Julie

Lady Elgin interior

Lady Elgin interior

Makalikaand EdithII 1905 fay and bowen

Makalikaand EdithII 1905 fay and bowen

Gray Phantom in Flash

Gray Phantom in Flash

front Gatsby WJ Johnston 1940,Merganser wj Johnston 1932,

front Gatsby WJ Johnston 1940,Merganser wj Johnston 1932,

flash 1934 Greavette

“Flash” 1934 Greavette


All these images blow up. Not explode blow up, just get large. So you can count the wood grain.

Bimbi 1916 Minett

“Bimbi” 1916 Minett

arriving top of the lock-Rosseau side- Makalika 1902 Lozier, in front Canadian Club 1956 shepherd

arriving top of the Lock-Rosseau side- Makalika 1902 Lozier, in front Canadian Club 1956 shepherd

Witch 1932 Brodeur

“Witch” 1932 Brodeur

whippet 1929 ditchburn

“Whippet” 1929 Ditchburn

whipett detail

“Whipett” detail

the theme curvaceous

The theme curvaceous

seahorse interior

“Seahorse” interior

seahorse 35' 1925 Minett

“Seahorse” 35′ 1925 Minett


Reflection Rudder

Riva Aquarama special

Riva Aquarama special

ScudII cockpit

“ScudII” cockpit

ScudII 1930 Minett shields bow detail

ScudII 1930 Minett shields bow detail

Res Ispo Loquitor 1955 Greavette

Res Ispo Loquitor 1955 Greavette

Our Cup of Tea 1931 gooderham

Our Cup of Tea 1931 Gooderham

Wow, thanks to our Canadian pals for a fantastic report. Clearly we know understand why hard and soft  top boats are so popular up there. And those Fender/Bumper set ups!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    The Muskoka watercraft are always something very special. Thank you Chris and Julie.
    BTW, that rain also visited our Port Sanilac event last Saturday. We were proud to have a few Canadian Blue Water chapter boats join us.

  2. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    We must have upset the boat gods. we have had no rain since spring with the exception of our 2 boats shows. Like they say we really need the rain.

  3. Stephen Fowler
    Stephen Fowler says:

    Ahhh! Jenn and I drove through Port Carling Saturday morning, but decided that no boats would show, and skipped this event to head back down to the Toronto area. How foolish of us not to even check!

    Good for these woody boat owners to show up despite the weather. As Chris mentions, we haven’t had rain all summer, and then this happens.

    Beautiful boats, thanks for the report.

  4. Garry
    Garry says:

    Really incredible boats and a fanatastic show.
    It sounds like Chris had his shower in addition to Julies.

  5. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    I planned to attend the show but woke up to massive rain and assumed it was cancelled. Maybe next year an email could go out to all ACBS members to let them know its still on.

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