Late News From The St Clair Show! First Fiberglass Boat To Win “Best Of Show” At An ACBS Event!

Best of show winner Blue Chip! 1970 30' Fino

“Best of show” winner “Blue Chip” 1970 30′ Fino  – Bill & Jan Stephenson

Thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Burt Harris and Aaron LeDonne for sending in this late report. But the news about fiberglass is worth the conversation. Take it away Bert.


1959 17.5′ South Seas Blu By U Bill & Nancy Anderson brings some heat to Michigan Best Glass Outboard

Was at this show last week. I think its important to note that since the rule change with the ACBS there has already been a winner here in the best of show for a fiberglass boat.


Dang this one is very cool-

First fiberglass boat to win “Best of show” at an ACBS event!  The rules have changed and it didn’t take long for the glass to show them who’s boss.

(1961 18' Buehler  Turbo)       Best Glass Inboard

(1961 18′ Buehler Turbo) Best Glass Inboard


 "Allure"     ( 1972 28' CC Commander Sports Express)   Pat & Shiela Chaps    Best Glass Cruiser

“Allure” ( 1972 28′ CC Commander Sports Express) Pat & Shiela Chaps Best Glass Cruiser


Dave Bortners 1973 Century

Dave Bortners 21′ 1973 Century Coronado Kids Judging award

Fiberglass was the marquis boat this year at the 29th annual ACBS Michigan chapter International boat show and rendezvous and there was lots of fiberglass to stare at too!

There were 75 registered boats ranging from 10 to 53 feet in length, 22 of which were glass outboards, inboards and cruisers. What a great show. The weather was picture perfect and the people were delightful.

Bill Stevenson of Marine City MI with his 1970 30’ classic fiberglass Fino won top honors at the St Clair Michigan Chapter ACBS  Show this past weekend. Bill Anderson of Hudson IL took top honors as well with his South Seas Samoan twin outboard as well as   Over a dozen Fiberglass boats were there. The weather and the boats, spectators and owners were such a pleasure that I am going to put this show on my yearly calendar for next year.

One of the top four antique and classic boat shows in the United States was held at the St CLAIR harbor, the municipally owned marina in downtown St. Clair.

The St. Clair facility is a beautiful, well-run operation tucked around the first bend of the Pine River, just off the St. Clair River.

About 100 boats and 2,000 spectators attended in St. Clair for the 29th annual event. Lewandowski said the classic boat owners  hailed from all over the Midwest and Canada, as well as New York, New Hampshire, Iowa and Colorado Pittsburgh and Florida

The show ran 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday, June 21. In addition to the boats, the show features a “Field of Dreams,” where a variety of marine items were sold, including boats and trailers, and the awards ceremony was, 1-3 p.m.

The ACBS will judged the boats in 18 classes and give out more than 40 awards at the show. The two top awards are the Best of Show award and Best Marquee Boat.

“Every year we pick a boat and feature it,” this year was the year of FIBERGLASS

Now for the rest of the story, here is the wrap up from the Michigan Website.

If you want the 2014 Michigan Chapter Boat Show Wrap Up! Click Here.

Ahhhh Wood.Photo Aaron LeDonne

Ahhhh Wood.Photo Aaron LeDonne -“Claire” is a 1947 Chris a Craft 17′ Deluxe Runabout owned by Mike and Barb Feldman of Harsens Island.

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    • Alex
      Alex says:

      How about “Power to the Plastic!” C’mon Matt. We need shirts next year to include glass in the selection of WB attire. I can see the artwork… The iconic defiant fist, clutching an evidently-fiberglass boat.

  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I have seen Bill Anderson’ collection of restored fiberglass boats in upper Illinois. They are quite a site to see. Some of them have survived for over 50 years. It’s great to hear that some of these examples are now a step above being simply curious classics at ACBS events. As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing”.

  2. mike k
    mike k says:

    that fino has sweet lines! i fell in love right away! just goggled it, a 1975 is available on for $199,000.00

    i wonder when their 5% commission sale is?


  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Burt and Aaron, thank you for the news and photos. Fun looking glass at your show. Congrats to Blue Chip, her owners, and her restorers. Nice also to see the 19′ Commander in the photo background.

  4. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    Thanks Al,, you need to make another trip,, it is totally different now,, I made my own museum and there are more boats done,, but it is unique and unusual, Bill

    • Bill Stephenson
      Bill Stephenson says:

      —-Thomas,,,,Wood boats and fiberglass boats aren’t in the same class, and as you mentioned, shouldn’t be. Don’t know where you got that idea………Bill S

  5. Carl Garmhaus
    Carl Garmhaus says:

    I would like to personally thank all the glass owners that came to our show this year. Your passion provided us with some really nice examples of early fiberglass. Your hard work and dedication really stole the show. You folks were friendly and approachable and fit right in. Thank you for coming and please come again.
    I wish someone had posted some pictures of the engine compartment of Bill and Jan’s Fino. The attention to detail was second to none.

    Carl Garmhaus
    Immediate Past Commodore, Michigan ACBS

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