Legacy of the Lakes Diamond Classic Boat Show


Gumdrop and Eric Carlson

A huge thanks to fellow Woody Boater Lee Wangstad for sending in this great report from Legacy Of The Lakes Dianond Show.  Take it away Lee, it’s all yours, nice spelling and all. SHOW OFF!

It all set me up for a very pleasant day at the docks. The on-land displays were nothing short of phenomenal. First up was Uncas, a 1930 Chris-Craft 28’ triple, whose story has been told here before. Kermit and Jenny Sutton graciously donated this boat to the Legacy of the Lakes Museum where it resides to this day. To see it out here on display was a feature that many attenders as well as skippers found fascinating.

Jon Steinbring with his 1948 Chris-Craft Deluxe Runabout

There are certain aspects of each boat show that give it a particular slant. Let’s say its own culture. The Legacy of the Lakes Diamond Classic Boat Show in Alexandria, Minnesota’s main attribute is the outlook of the people who are there. Whether it is the people busy with the behind-the-scenes endless work to make sure everything goes off without a hitch; the sponsors (Diamond GMC/Buick) willing to back everything up; the boat owners, always eager to explain their boats; and the spectators, who enthusiastically view the boats and are truly interested in their history. If you ask 20 people why they keep coming back, you’ll more than likely get 20 different answers that all basically boil down to the niceness of the different personalities in attendance.

Another boat familiar to Woodyboater fans is this Falls Flyer, featured a few months back. It’s one of those boats that brings on more questions than answers to anyone slightly familiar with Larson boats.

Of course, the drive for me to get there is an amiable venture into the backroads of Up North Minnesota. Through farm fields, forests, twisting around lakes, and even through Amish farm country, it is one beautiful ride. Even though it is hotter than hades, I’ve got the window down, music off, just letting the wind blow back my hair, that is, what is left of it, and just enjoying the peaceful surroundings. I pass through a few small burgs with their 30mph speed limits, more of a nice break than any kind of hindrance.
Another thing I’m noticing is that there aren’t any cars piling up behind me, like they usually do when I’m not keeping up with the speed limit and am enjoying the ride.

I want one!

How about this Kid-Craft? When I see this I cannot think of a single 9 or 10 year old who wouldn’t kill for a ride in this cool boat. And I still haven’t reached the docks yet! This is too much.

This is what it was all about in 1962 The first boat to catch my eye as I step onto the dock is Andy and Anna
Luiken’s 1962 Dorsett Catalina. At 17’ and in that bright turquoise and white combination, it is hard to miss. Andy and Anna are two of the most passionate boat owners anywhere. They are totally into all this. Their boat
reflects this. The first boat to catch my eye as I step onto the dock is Andy and Anna Luiken’s 1962 Dorsett Catalina. At 17’ and in that bright turquoise and white combination, it is hard to miss. Andy and Anna are two of the most passionate boat owners anywhere. They are totally into all this. Their boat reflects this.
Pretty dramatic for 1949 Russ Sticha, no stranger at the Legacy of the Lakes Museum, showed his 1949 Greavette 22’ Streamliner, powered (and I mean powered) by a 300hp General Motors V-8. The lines of this boat are beautiful, enhanced all the more with the wood grain shown to its full effect.
They don’t come any nicer than this Gumdrop, a 1941 Chris-Craft 19’ barrel-back, is owned by Eric and Lindsey Carlson, who traveled up from St. Peter, Minnesota.
1958 Yellow Jacket Riviera Another of the outstanding outboard boats was this fantastic 1958 Yellow Jacket Riviera belonging to David Parlee, of Rockford, Illinois. These boats were built in Denison, Texas featuring molded plywood hulls that had no frames and were very lightweight. Roy Rogers, more famous as a Saturday
morning cowboy star, raced Yellow Jacket boats and would later become Vice-President of the company. A very interesting story that will fascinate you with a quick google search.
1957 15’ Lyman outboard presented by Joshua Fox, bringing the boat all the way from California for this show. This one was an original condition survivor grade boat that showed the care that had been given it. The 1958 Johnson Super Sea Horse was all original, including original paint, down to the last nut and bolt. These are fun to see at the shows.

Another beautiful boat from Andreas, Beautiful 1956 Thompson Thomboy owned by Andreas Jordahl Rhude, one of five that he owns. This one was available to buy, but I’m sure that he is still looking for more of this rare Thompson option.
John Humphrey in his immaculate 1967 Century At three o’clock the announcement was made for the skippers to start them up for the fly-by. As they headed out on the dock, another message came across the loudspeaker declaring that the fly-by had been cancelled. This was due to winds that had came up that exceeded what they considered
safe for the smaller boats. Word also spread that the high water of Lake Darling and the fact that the Minnesota DNR had declared the channel where the fly-by takes place had been designated a no-wake zone. My thought was to go ahead and do it until someone came along and told them to stop, but I wasn’t in charge, and kept it to myself. But I was able to shoot some boats as they ambled away from the docks, fading away across the channel, where they would gather for an impromptu parade around the lake.
King’s Ransom, a huge Shepherd that could’ve handled anything that Lake Darling could have whipped up.
Twyster, a 1948 Chris-Craft Deluxe Runabout owned by Tom Yeager of Nisswa, Minnesota
The last of the boats that were leaving were already gone, the people were dispersing, the tents were coming down. I was all talked out. So, while on my way back to my truck, I get a call from Nancy who informed me that I was expected back in Nisswa no later than 5:30. Danny Olson (local favorite) was playing in a surprise performance at the Roundhouse Brewery in Nisswa and my presence was expected. This would be no casual ride home. I would have to go at least the speed limit (if not 1 or 2mph over) if I was to get there in time. So at breakneck speeds (for me) I kept my eyes glued to the road, paying close attention (no rubbernecking) making it back with 5 minutes to spare. I heaved a huge sigh of relief and took a deep breath. Days just don’t get any better than this.
Lee Wangstad

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    More great Minnesota boats for me to enjoy this morning. The variety is amazing. Thanks Lee and Matt for the photos and report.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Amazing it can be as hot there as it is here down south. Maybe its less humid there as we’ve had heat indexes above 100 last week. Makes for some sticky boating. With so many lakes there it would be awesome if they were connected but it doesn’t necessarily look like it.

    • Dane
      Dane says:

      Floyd, There are 11 connected lakes in the Alexandria Chain of Lakes. Lots of water to explore.

      Alexandria is a great town. The museum is only a few minutes north of interstate 94. If you’re ever driving by it’s worth a visit

  3. River Rat
    River Rat says:

    Sounds like the ride up through Herkimer County on the way to the River, St. Lawrence. Nicest windshield on a 1957 LYMAN, Got to love it. Beautiful report. Thank you

  4. Rog Mober
    Rog Mober says:

    Lee always makes things come alive and though in absentia feel like we are there. Maybe you even instill a bit of coveteness over the missing of the show. Thank you. And thanks, Woody Boater, for publishing.

  5. Florida Kid
    Florida Kid says:

    Wonderful report Lee. I love all the industrial art and the captions. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Paul LaVoie
    Paul LaVoie says:

    The Legacy of The Lakes was on my bucket list for my first summer of retirement. So last Tuesday, I took a nice motorcycle ride up to Alexandria from Minneapolis. The museum did not disappoint. Only wish I could have caught the show too. The Katy Fitz from the Spaulding estate is breathtaking. Very well done museum that captures the Minnesota lake life. Also, if you are a WWII plane buff, the Fagen Fighters museum about 70 miles south of of Legacy is a not to be missed. The display of amazing WWII planes and and equipment also beautifully done.

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