Lets Go To The 2015 Hessel Classic Boat Show Without Ever Leaving Your House!


1959 21’ Century Coronado 454 Crusader 350 hp Bill and John Hermann

Thanks to amazing reporter Allen Papendick from Michigan, we get to go to Hessel right now and be back in time for a nice boat ride. Allen takes on the trip via his trusty video. I LOVE IT! We get to know the feeling of how it feels to arive, and watch the boats unload and dock. Thanks so much Allen. What a perfect report.


Alex Watson and family – Marion E. not in the show


1935 19’ Ditchburn powered by a Flat Head Ford, originally from Muskoka Ontario, Melissa and Thomas Ryan Les Cheneaux


“Dream Boat” 1941 18’6” Century. Gray Marine 103. Kirk and Sharon Smith Beulah, Michigan. Winner Runabout 19’-20’. Restorer Mike Green, Maritime Classics Traverse City.


“PAL” 1918 21’ HackerCraft. 95 hp Hercules. Winner 21-24’ Runabout Tom and Joyce Neff Milledgeville, Grorgia


“So Rare” 1968 20’ Chris Craft 327 c.i. Winner Utility 18’-20’ John D. Kovach Hessel, Michigan


Feature boat “Symphony” 1925 26’ Great Lakes Boat Building Corporation. A local favorite delivered to the Les Cheneaux Club dock brand new. Sandy and David Heiss Cedarville Michigan


Three shadows on “Lucille” a 1966 19’ Century Arabian Jayne and Henry Opie Pontiac Lake Michigan. “Due Diligence” 1948 20’ Chris Craft Char and Lew Kirchner Williamsburg Michigan


“Dog Days of Summer” 2013 23’ Eric Thompson by Rachael and Eric Thompson Cincinnati Ohio


1938 28’ Hacker-Craft is triple winner “Shooting Star” Best Runabout 25’ and over, Best Hacker-Craft and Best of Show. Polly and Tom Bredt Walloon Lake Michigan


Smiles all around as Jack Beatley starts Feature Boat LULU III. 1929 26’ Hacker-Craft Dolphin Runabout. Prized by the ACBS for it’s impeccable preservation. 200 hp 678 c.i. Kermath six-cylinder.


“Stork” 1908 17’ Brooks Launch powered by a 6 hp Stork winner Best Launch, Janet and Jay Stingel Mackinaw Island


“Jennifer Anne” 1938 21’ Chris Craft winner Best Utility 21-24’ Jeff and Jack Rogers Les Cheaneaux Michigan


“Sully’” makes her way to the docks. A 1931 21’ 6” Dodge by Pat and John Sullivan Cedarville Michigan


Thanks again for this great report. Stay tuned for more updates from Tahoe, and the new Woody Boater Sportsman 25 launch and run!

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  1. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    the 66 arabian looks cool. I wonder if someone like tommy holm can tell us how rare it is. I would think very rare.

    • don vogt
      don vogt says:

      Did my own research. around 40+ made that year, according to the century club website. god only knows how many are still around. a neat boat.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Thanks Allen for the great report from Hessel today. Love seeing all the Hackers in attendance this year.

    Hessel, Michigan – A magical place for classic boating and life in general. – Texx

  3. Allen
    Allen says:

    I owe much thanks to the many hard working volunteers at Hessel for their hospitality and to the Les Cheneaux Lions Club all you can eat pancake breakfast. They saved my bacon. Turned out to be a beautiful weekend.

  4. Stan Petersen
    Stan Petersen says:

    Thanks for sharing your video. It brings back wonderful memories of attending while staying with our friends, Tom & Mary Flood.

  5. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    That day of the show (Saturday) was much nicer than the pictures suggest. Turned out to be 82 and mostly sunny.

  6. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    The video was great! We drove right past The Islander. And oh the sound of those engines! Thanks Allen, it felt like I was there!

  7. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    Thank you, Allen, for your wonderful coverage from Hessel ’15…I was there in ’14 and missed it this year…until now!

    The volunteers at Hessel deserve a BIG round of applause for their selfless service to this crowded and potentially hectic marina filled with ‘pride-n’joys’…they really deliver white glove service to all the owners and vendors. We all appreciate your time and TLC, truly!

    The Hessel show is wonderful…can’t wait to return to the beautiful LCI!

    • greg wallace
      greg wallace says:

      Double “ditto” on Grants”s comments above. The whole community gets involved with the show. The volunteers are terrific. Example: While we were ramping out LULU one of the ramp volunteers went in the water waist deep to help get her aligned. Water was “chilly” but nothing but smiles. Hats off to all the “blue shirts” this year!

  8. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    Look at all those helpful ‘vols’!

    This dock-load of 2014 ‘red shirts’ worked tirelessly to juggle all the wooden boats in and out of the slips after the ‘roar-off’ in Hessel.

    Many of these precious vessels are triple- or even quadruple-parked according to class in the marina slips…and the Hessel locals did an amazing job pulling it all off without incident.

    Here, ‘Talitha’ a 22′ CC Sea Skiff gets a helpful ‘bon voyage’ from the team.

  9. Alex
    Alex says:

    Thanks Allen for reporting the Show. I attended the breakfast and then the Show. The latter, however, for less than 30 minutes. My youngest was uncooperative so I had to take him back to the cottage.

    As for the photo you took of us driving by in Marion E… I had guests coming down from Canada to attend the show. I’d promised them a ride through the Islands. It’s the only way to see Les Cheneaux.

    I intentionally rode past the docks, just to give attendees a chance to see a classic in motion.

    This, in my opinion, is something our Show needs. More sound of running boats and more sight of running boats — dusing the Show, not just as boats arrive and leave pre- and post-Show.

    It’s tricky in our venue as space is so tight. And I’m told insurance would not like this. But some other Shows manage this fine, so so should we.

    That’s why I boated by.

    And the number of attendees on the docks watching us cruise by told me they longed for more such action.

    Thanks again Allen. Perhaps we’ll meet next time you are here.

    • Allen
      Allen says:

      Hi Alex, we almost met Friday. You were turning around in the marina and I came out on the dock to help but you had pushed off on the pilon before I got there. I didn’t know it was you until you were away and I saw your stern. I should be back next year. Feature make will be Century and I drive one of those models from the dark side. Thanks for driving by. A few others did also. Sitting in the gezebo I noticed everyone looked at the boats in action. Don’t know how you might make a dynamic exhibit part of the show, I like it though. I liked the breakfast too. I had to wait until the 6,000 other pancake fans were done though.

  10. Allen
    Allen says:

    How about a pancake dock take out window. I think many boaters not in the show would drive up for pancakes.

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