Life Is Fantastic At Table Rock!

What a great ride we had out on the water. Is this Larry’s cousin? Sid the skiff

Man oh man we are having a great time here at Table Rock. Tons of fantastic boats and fantastic folks, fantastic weather, fantastic water, all having a fantastic time. Thanks to Karen for grabbing shots of me having a fantastic week. We wish you all were here like we are.

It was a great ride on this stunning sedan!

It’s always more fun when you are out on the water with the gang!

After this run we hung out on the beach with a perfect picnic!

It’s starting to look like fall! OUCH!

man thats one looooong boat. What a cool setting!

Stay tuned for more of the fun.

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      • rick
        rick says:

        Come on Philip, give us the link, Boat Buzz is a big place. If you want us to give the universally loved Chad grief you have to make it easy. Are plastic flowers involved?

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          Read the “ACBS judging” thread. The link should be on the upper right here on woodyboater. Chad made some insensitive comment about buoyancy challenged Canadian boats.

      • Chad
        Chad says:

        Better yet, let’s send some “good mojo” to friend and fellow WoodyBoater, Matt Byrne today. At this minute, he is waiting for the ACBS judges to make their rounds. His freshly restored Gar Wood (Miss Lisa) is all spit-shined and ready for the inspection.

        • Tommyholm
          Tommyholm says:

          I just fired up the C C in front of Matt and blew exhaust water all over his stern. He,s looking for Lisa to wipe it down

          What fun, hey Matt?

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