Lifeguard On Duty


The Boatress sporting the new 2021 Reedville Show T.

This weekend here in Reedville was a classic summer weatherwise. Calm mornings and storms in the afternoon. BTW, sorry about al the rain and wind up North. I know we will get our share soon. Its that time of year. But here the calm mornings were way too tempting to not take a nice ride to refresh the burned out brain cells from a couple weeks of Zoom meetings. And of course I brought along my Lifeguard. He takes his new job VERY VERY seriously.


No one is going to get away with anything.

Are you taking my picture?

Hey no running!

Just another day at the office. ISh..

Life…guard is good!

Hey, wait.. Is that Tara barking?

Job done! Lets eat and sleep.

The Reedville Classic Boat Show is September 11, for now. Covid is like a hurricane this year, and, honestly not sure what to expect. I am conflicted regarding everyones safety. Yes, I am fully Vaccinated, even have the 5G chip embedded in my cells. But Covid cases have spiked around the area. How’s that for a sell job on coming to the show? Ya. As I said, conflicted. We just got news that the Smith Mountain lake Show was canceled.

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  1. Alan Frederick
    Alan Frederick says:

    Certainly none of us here wanted to cancel the Sept. 18th show at Smith Mountain Lake but the restrictions that were implemented by the host site, which are far more restrictive than the state Covid mandates, were almost impossible to work with. Our area in SW Virginia has one of the lowest infection rates in the state, but they required that everyone at the show had to show their vaccination cards and then have a wrist band to show that they were vetted. Since our show has always been an open outdoor event, with the public entering and leaving during the day, this arrangement was non-workable.
    Their decision, whether it was based on fact, fear, or fake news is unfortunate. Hopefully we can work towards a successful fall show next year, that is unless of course, another Covid variant shows up in 2022, or 2023, or 2024, etc., etc.
    Canceling the show for 2 years in a row is a tough pill to swallow.
    (2021 Boat Show Coordinator)

    • Kelly Wittenauer
      Kelly Wittenauer says:

      Perhaps bestow the benefit of your club’s business on some other site in the future? Like NASCAR moving races from highly restrictive NY, to other states.

    • Cliff
      Cliff says:

      You miss all the wooden boat shows if you are dead. I’m always leaning to the side of caution. Almost all my friends in A.C.B.S. are older than me (49) and not always in the best shape. I am starting to travel again and am exposed to hundred of people weekly, I still mask up daily. Not just for my personally safety but for others. I know some people still consider it a joke or a “fake pandemic” and until that mind set is gone I will not be attending any shows. I might be exposed to someone while waiting in line at “ Teds “ in Buffalo and not know it. It a smart move to cancel the show because there are a lot of dummies out there who don’t get it.

      • Alan Frederick
        Alan Frederick says:

        Cliff, it’s sad you won’t be able to attend the Niagara Frontier show on Sept. 11th on Grand Island. It should be a good one with lots of GarWoods attending. I’ll be there and will also be bringing a boat up from VA.
        With the crowds attending you may not want to be downstream from the show as the prevailing westerly winds may engulf that area with the Covid plague.
        Be sure to hunker down for weeks after the show!!

  2. Chuck Crosby
    Chuck Crosby says:

    I recently went to the Pebble Beach Car Week, all the open to the general public shows, not the Concourse D’ Elegance itself.

    The Carmel show, the Pacific Grove show and De’ Lemon show required verification of your vaccination status, a wrist band and a face mask if unvaccinated. The Carmel show, was on Ocean Ave and Pacific Grove show on Lighthouse (each towns main drag) had multiple entrances that needed to be both attended and fenced. This might have been a touch of security theater, but most parties complied with the rules.

    Conversely, the Porsche gathering did not require masks, but it was held at the Monterey Porsche Dealership (private property). The Tour D’Elegance did not…but it was a car convoy along 25 miles of public roads with a short cut thru Tehama, very exclusive/private Clint Eastwood development.

    In my opinion, staffing up to administer the mask requirement undoubtedly manifested more effort. I believe the extra effort was worth it. All 16 (my count) car week events happened and were well attended and enjoyed by the vast majority.

  3. Horace
    Horace says:

    What utter stupidity! Show me a study that masks of any kind are effective against a virus even in an indoor setting, nevermind an outdoor venue like a boat show on a Lake. What morons make up these rules?

    Obviously, the so-called “vaccines” are ineffective, and do not work — no one knows the long term effects of them. And all this over a “plandemic” for which their own statistics show there is a 99% recovery rate. So sad to see Woody Boaters submit to the tyranny of these gaslighting jackasses or even encourage it. You should be called “Weenie Boaters”!

    And then there is Matt, the Woody Boatress and Mr. B — all without masks — totally inconsiderate throwing a big wake (from the Chris and a viral wake, too) down Cockrells Crick — smashing everyone’s boats into their docks and infecting the whole town with Wu-Flu! If you’d a left that old M in there, the gas fumes would have killed the virus, but no. LOL!

    P.S. If you can smell the gas fumes through your stupid face-rag, guess what — the virus particles are smaller than the gasoline molecules.

  4. Uk Dave
    Uk Dave says:

    Here’s one of Fred’s first trip on a boat on the Norfolk broads England.He seemed to like it fine.
    Hope he likes the C C when we get the new hull on her.
    Over here we still wear a mask when there’s a lot of People about but that’s now a personal choice.

  5. Waldo
    Waldo says:

    The Madisonville Wooden Boat festival in Louisiana was canceled. It was to happen September 25 & 26, Billy creel Wooden Boat Festival in Biloxi Miss. for October 23 & 24, canceled. New Orleans Jazz Fest canceled. Museums make their operating funds from festivals and this happened this year and last. Now Dan at ACBS is leaving at end of year. All this crap sucks and 40% have been vaccinated. Got plenty of problems down south. Hope it gets better.

  6. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Matt can you put a red flag or something else on the first page when there is flaming post? I have absolutely no patience for negativity on any blog, especially Woody Boater where I go for boat photos, your kidding around, and crazy dog pictures. Oh and Troy’s cheesecake photos.

  7. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    Sounds like “Horace” needs to blow it out his human.(OFTEN)Where’s the chick pics?”Ole(from Ole’s boat scratching service)wants to be Mr.B’s butt buddie as he’s fixed too.

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