LIVE – From Algonac AKA Heaven.

The Water Tower.

This very special event has been 100 years in the making, and is all set up to be one very special event. The Michigan Gang has gone all out, and some amazing boats have come, and are coming home to celebrate their family heritage.

We are also blessed with the eyeball of Steve Lapkin, who has already captured the magic of the Algonac color pallet. So without further adoooo, and because I want to get me some of that color pallet myself. Pics and stay tuned.

Steve exercising that eyeball of his. He has two, just incase one fails. Dang, he is so prepaired

It’s like the boats were made for this water. Wait. THERE WERE! Power Boating was made for this water. This is 100% all American Made. Do I dare? No I will wait.

Someone spent the past three years locked up in a house with a mask on? I’m free to breath the Algonacness of it all

They are all practicing the Algonac Wave. Oh, you didnt know? Little known fact. Boat waving started here in Algonac. Yup, Thats how a wave got its name. Cause you would create a wave with the motor, since speed was a new thing. Hold on.. I am working a deal on a Bridge I am selling

Where are we headed? Just follow the hair.

The boats are starting to fill in the slips.

She is here, and yup, lives up to her name

Twin 454’s offer power galore.

One amazing dinner at Catch 22 Bistro the restaurant across the street. Full of some very cool old CC stuff.

Stinky is in the house. That Chris made. This is the Mill building, then became where cruisers were made, and now a huge parking area and storage durring the winter. One person tried to clear out behind the walls, and found.. SAW DUST BY THE TON! HA. Now known as insulation.

George, Wayne and Greg all catching up. We arrived at 730 PM. This shot was taken around 8:15. You can see the sun was still out..until around 10 PM Here

And so, here we go! And just to get all our juices going. Okay, maybe our joints going. Or maybe last nights dinner. Without further adooooo live from some assisted living facility. The Oakridge Boys.

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  1. Scott K
    Scott K says:

    The only time anyone can beat Greg Lewandowski to a comment is this weekend. Hes busy doing important boat show stuff.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Last night Bessy decided it was time for a rest.

    I guess it just shows that I should have gone to Algonac?!?!?!

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

      So the tow truck driver won’t have to pay his Snap -On bill this week? What a hellova thing to come home to Troy. We are on our way EARLY tomorrow morning. Giving up precious Upper Peninsula time for this Happinin! I know it will be worth it.

  3. Duster
    Duster says:

    Why did I click on the Oakridge geriatric band??? Dear god that was a mistake. They really are from some assisted living facility and them boys aint holdin a tune these days.

  4. David Irvine
    David Irvine says:

    Okay I’ve learned a new term and I grew up here. “Algonacness!”

    Did you know the wave actually has a purpose?

    Does nothing to do with being friendly… It has to do with you acknowledging that you see the other boat and they acknowledge that they see you.

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