Live From The 2009 Lake Geneva Antique & Classic Boat Show.

Sorry for the late story, but we just arrived in Lake Geneva. The groups are out touring the lake and gawking at the large beautiful homes, I am here gawking at the boats coming in and saying hi to pals. All the tents are still coming…Enjoy

For some reason I feel a kinship to this Milo-Craft
They were having issues! I could smell the starter fluid from a ways back… gradually a ways ways back
Very cool speedo. Not the bathing suite type by the way, there is nothing cool about those..
Hagerty is here in true sponsorship form. Right next to the rules.
Joe Martel, is that you! He lives here in Wisconsin…. maybe
Very nice Correct Craft being prepped to go into the drink

boats all set aside for later
Randy Streblow of Streblow boats backing in one of his boats
Just a taste of some of the fine boats to come.