Live Home-ish From Lake Dorona – The Show Must Go On! Now More Than Ever.


I could stare at this photo for hours..

With your help, lets keep the Lake Dora un gathering going. After all, on the …clean.. surface Lake Dora is about boats, but deep in the heart of it all, the Lake Dora event is a start of the year for us in this community. A beginning, a renewal of hope, of time together on the water. A time of calm, passion and timeless, time.

The Knomes are enjoying the sunshine

A time to see old friends, and meet new ones, shake hands, hug, and laugh. That all can still happen here this weekend virtually. Nothing can replace togetherness in person. Except maybe one of Troys Inappropriate Babes, or your rant about a knot. Oh how I miss that!

Larry brought some of his new pals

Dolores M is here.

Vendors are setting up shop.

Familiar smiles are the true warmth of Lake Dora

The Volunteers are going at it

I can smell the onions and funnel cakes cooking

Texx showed up last night

A clean Palm Gardens. Don’t panic, it will be back to normal soon enough

We decided to bring Wecatchem and Stinky. Sweet Pea is somewhere in North Carolina and should arrive next year

In an amazing gesture of Kindness, The Copa Cabana is feeding all of us today. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Peace on earth, calm waters and warm sunshine

The vendors are amazing this year

Just sit back and smile

The Ramsey Brothers made it

The porta pottys are all lined up.

The Riva gang is here.

Leaving..ish the Harrisons this morning

Steve Marini flew his boat in. Thats one large overhead compartment

Our pals the Turners are here, Aristo Craft joy

Fairliner fun

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Boating.

UPDATE ON SHIRTS –  All the inventory was sent back to our store for purchase and shipping. As of today, it will be arriving on Monday, BUT, areas in Chicago are being closed down, so shipping may be an issue. We will be up dating as stuff gets back to normal.

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  1. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Mt. Dora is pretty quiet right now, but outdoor dining is still alive. So are Palm Gardens, Pirate’s Oasis, Boondocks, Hurricane’s, and others. If you’re going to quarantine there’s no better place than here. A dozen of us boating to Boondocks for lunch yesterday, they were very happy to see us and have our business. Doing our best to support the local haunts.

  2. Tom Drozd
    Tom Drozd says:

    Trying to make the best of things down in Tavares. We figure out on the water is the safest place to be.

  3. jack
    jack says:

    Boats at the dock, I’m in the bar. That three thousand mile drive through quarantine country made me thirsty!
    Let the festivities ensue.

  4. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    It is quite here in Tavares. Rode through the Dora canal yesterday. Most exciting thing at the waterfront beach bar was 5 sheriff cars arresting one drunk. Restaurants are still open so that’s a good thing. Great weather

  5. Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy says:

    New to the group. It was 65F here yesterday in central Iowa.
    Today it’s 25F and snow. Here is my recently acquired 1950 Port Carling SeaBird. She neeeds work but should be a worthy project. I believe it’s the only Port Carling Seabird in Iowa.

  6. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    Back home from florida. We have been asked to stay in for 14 days due to international travel. so got lots of time to post pics and enjoy a virtual show. you can only smile on the dora canal

  7. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Hey Matt, Mayor Light in the loafers and the Fat Man are slowly trying to shut down Chicago. I am north of Chicago and still shipping and receiving windows and lumber.
    Taking it a day at a time but the Ice is out and pier goes in this weekend. WoooHoooo!!

  8. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    As I go out to work on my Coronado, I want to let you know how I appreciate the article today. I want mine to look that good…someday….someday… 🙂 but until then I can drool over the pictures of other craft.

    • Not m-fine
      Not m-fine says:

      Stopping by for a quick peek at the show. Still on virtual lockdown in NY and the noose continues to tighten. Someone in Albany figured out that the virus can’t kill us all if the state kills us first.

      They posted a patrol car outside to keep me from leaving, but I was able to slip away during a virtual donut break. Gotta get back, but I will try to check back tomorrow.

  9. Mark in Ohio ( virtually in Dora)
    Mark in Ohio ( virtually in Dora) says:

    Got the boat bar in. She’s all filled up with everything needled and ready to go. I know it’s a pontoon but it does have a bar on it. It’s 5 o’clock some where.🌴🍺😄

  10. 72hornet
    72hornet says:

    Looking so fun! Mike Murphy from Iowa, where do you reside? Make sure to bring your Port Carling Sea Bird to the Okoboji Show the last Saturday in July!

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