Live In The Mid Atlantic And Want To See Miss America IX?

fla fri Miss AMerica

You just don’t see it, you feel it!

Coming up, tomorrow as a matter of fact, Miss America IX will be at Smith Mountain Lake doing her thing, and what a thing it is to see. If you have never seen this priceless American Icon in person, trust us here. Its worth the trip. And for those of us in the Mid Atlantic ish area, this may be your chance. The weather is predicted to be PERFECT!


I speak from experience here. Its mind blowing

Fellow hall of famer Charles Mistele enjoys a full throttle run from time to..OK ALL the time, and I can tell you one thing. The poor families living on Smith Mountain Lake this weekend that are expecting to hear the loons calling are going to be rudely awakened by twin massive engines with 16 pure non mufflered stacks of Detroit angels singing hallelujah! Like when the Blue Angles buzz cities to announce they are there, Miss America makes a couple morning runs.

I can here Edna and Charles having there morning breakfast on the deck now. ” Edna, would you pass the cream please, Oh Charles don’t you just love these quiet mornings, the sounds of the loons and the THE WHAT THE HELL IS THAT. Edna, I think an airplane must be… WHAT THE HELL? Oh, my, that is one beautiful boat… and look at that smile on that mans face. Edna, we are getting a Woody Boat. Charles, where? Well this weekend at the Big Show!”

For those of you coming to see us Sink and Swim, the “plan: is still Saturday, Friday may be spent making sure she runs and floats, and getting out of DC.. Ugh..

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  1. Alan Frederick
    Alan Frederick says:

    We had our final organizational meeting last night and we’re all set for a busy weekend. Looking forward to great weather with NO rain in site. We’re still receiving last minute registrations so between land and water displays this will probably be the largest show SML has ever hosted.
    Miss America IX owner Chuck Mistele is arriving today and will indeed wake up the lake. He also is scheduled to show a new, never before seen, video and power point presentation at our Sat. night Award’s Dinner on GarWood and history behind the boat.
    Come join us here at the “Jewel of the Blue Ridge”. In addition to the bucket brigade for Matt’s barn find, we also have cases of perfume to combat the rat fumes he talks about. That alone is worth the trip!

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Coming to see the barn find…..will be there Saturday…..don’t launch or sink on Friday….you owe this special spectacle to your devoted audience….
    Great Venue, great friends, great weather…..what more could you want? Miss Am IX maybe?

    John in Va.

    • Phil Jones
      Phil Jones says:

      John introduce yourself when you get to the show. I will be the guy in the Baby sh*&t yellow Shepherd-(Matt use spell check) T-Shirt, or the guy knee deep in water, or the guy being towed in, whatever.:)

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Well, as I recall she is now powered with two Chevy V-8s. So if you have a stack for each cylinder then 8 times two would be 16 so there ought to be 16 stacks in there somewhere.

  3. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    For everyone in Minnesota and surrounding states, don’t forget that this weekend there’s the big BSLOL show on Lake Minnetonka.

  4. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    Jim g, The miss america has special shaped exhaust stacks because originally the boat had 2 v-12’s. Maybe the twin miller engines. He was trying to make it look like there are more cylinders.. Can someone help me out here. I may be confusing 2 miss america boats. although I have never seen the boat in person it sure looks and sounds bad azz. there are other miss america videos on YouTube if anyone wants to see more

    • Jim G
      Jim G says:

      Hey Reddog,

      I had the stacks on Miss America built to replicate the ones that where on the Packards that were originally in the boat. There are some early pictures from years ago that show her with 16 stacks. Those were just cheap drag racer exhaust stacks and were pretty obnoxious. Gar Wood never raced the twin Millers because even though they had much more horse power. They could not push the boat as fast as the Packards could.

      I’m glad you like the video above that I filmed. I lucked out when I did it as it was filmed with my sons Ipod and all I did was hold it up in the air. That’s my oldest son sitting in the middle and Chuck Mistele the owner driving.

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