Live-ish Friday From The 2011 Priest Lake Dry Rot Show And Parade In Northern Idaho


This weekend classic boaters from all over the Pacific Northwest and Canada are once again gathering in beautiful Northern Idaho for the 2011 Priest Lake Dry Rot Show and Parade. And thanks to fellow Woody Boater Wes Yandt, we will be receiving a few Live-ish Reports throughout the weekend.

The annual Dry Rot Show and Parade is a unique event, hosted by the Inland Empire and Columbia Willamette ACBS Chapters.  It’s an opportunity for classic boaters to get together in a laid back, relaxing atmosphere and simply enjoy their boats and socialize for a few days. Priest Lake is a hidden gem that’s tucked away in extreame Northern Idaho, and when your there it’s like taking a step back in time.  A perfect venue for a gathering of classic boaters and their rides.  This year some of the folks from the Seattle area representing the Pacific Northwest ACBS Chapter have joined in on the fun.

Below is a boat load of fellow Woody Boaters pulling in to the Grandview Resort for the special Friday night classic boater buffet.  Robert & Susan DaPron (front cockpit), Alan & Yvonne Thomle and Katharine Dow (middle cockpit) and Woody Boater Technical Advisor Dick Dow (aft cockpit).         

Idaho Woody Boater reporter Wes Yandt commented…

“Here are some shots from the Friday night Spaghetti dinner that we had at Grandview Resort this evening. We all gathered for a great buffet dinner of spaghetti and all the fixins. We got our packets for the much anticipated Poker Run that we will all participate in tomorrow and had some great music served up by “Bone Daddy” Terry Deams. The weather looks like it’s going to be great for the weekend.”Wes

A cool shot of Priest Lake at dusk with a clear sky and moon shining bright. The forecast is for warm weather all weekend, in the high 80’s which will certainly make for a fantastic event.

We received news that Paul & Karen Harrison finally arrived in Priest Lake tonight after a challenging trip down from Canada, so that’s great news too.

Thanks Wes for the report and the cool photos, and stay tuned to Woody Boater for more Live-ish updates from the Dry Rot event throughout the weekend.


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  1. Jim Frechette
    Jim Frechette says:

    I am always concerned when I hear Paul’s name and “challenging trip” in the same sentence. I hope there were no roadside happenings!

  2. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Beautiful picture of the Coronado and the float plane.
    Just seeing the first signs of spring here today. Wooohoo

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