Live-ish Friday From The Marine Corps Air Station – New River, Jacksonville, NC


Reporting Live-ish from the Military Appreciation Event at the Marine Corps Air Station – New River, are fellow Woody Boaters Robert Miracle, Faye Smith and Ginger Clark who helped organize the big event with the Blue Ridge Chapter ACBS.

Last night after many of the folks arrived at the base, they were treated to a rare visit at Sywanyk’s – Scarlet & Gold Traditions. Here’s the story from Faye Smith.


Leathernecks, Fist to Fight, Devildogs, America’s Right Hand Men! If you are an aficionado of all things Military, a Marine, or even a fan of “The Duke” John Wayne, you know what those terms mean. They stand for none other than the United States Marines!

The Blue Ridge Chapter of the ACBS began their boating season this weekend. The event being held at the Marine Corps Air Station, New River in Jacksonville, North Carolina kicked off last evening in spectacular fashion.

It seems that somewhere on a small side street, hidden away from the public is arguably one of the finest collections of Marine Corps memorabilia that we have ever seen. The collection is museum quality and covers every inch of wall space, ceilings, table tops, cases and any other surface imaginable. The best part… you have to be a Marine or accompany a Marine just to get into the sacred halls.

Thanks to the Marine Corp. and Ginger & Randy Clark… our boaters became Marines for an evening.

There were documents that caused chills, dates going back to the 1800’s, pens, medals, uniforms, of all descriptions. Yes the pride we always feel in our young men and women in the military was tripled last evening.

I only wish we could share it with you in person, but, then again, you would need to become a Marine!

Fay Smith

Thanks Faye, it looks like your having a fun start to the weekend – Texx

Above is Terry & Tim Ross aboard “Jitterbug” – Getting a well deserved break after their busy Sunnyland show in Tavares, FL.

Below is Al & Bonne Olsen’s beautiful 1948 Shepherd 22′ Runabout “Chat Noir” – A crowd favorite where ever it goes..

As more images continue to feed in to Woody Boater HQ from Robert Miracle we will update the stories throughout the weekend.


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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Rick – Don’s right on the marque. (Marque – get it… Ha)

    It’s a 1998 20′ Ventnor Replica owned by James & Audrey Templeton from Denver, NC.

    Rick, because you were the winner of that pack of rare Woody Boater Weiners a while back, we will ask Robert Miracle to do some more research on the Ventnor and do a follow up report.

  2. Victor Fabricius
    Victor Fabricius says:

    Semper Fi to all your Jarheads and ACBS Blue Ridge Chapter boaters at New River Air Station and Camp Lejeune. Oohrah and happy boating. We wish we were there helping you honor our Marines in a well deserved salute.

    Best regards Victor Fabricius son of Marine Staff Sgt JR Fabricius (deceased)

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      I wouldn’t know as I actually won 1/2 of a “PICTURE” of the WoodyWeiners. And that was only through the generosity of another viewer. If you’re jealous I would be willing to send you half of my half. LOL WooHoo, I wear that picture like a badge of honor whenever I go to a cookout.

  3. Jim Templeton
    Jim Templeton says:

    I belong to the Ventnor Replica of a 48 year model. lots of fast fun and turns heads on the road and water.

    We had lots of fun and enjoyed the weekend, thanks to Randy & Ginger for the idea to honor our Marines.
    It was great to see the turn out for a first show and how we were treated by the staff at Lejune Air Station, it could not have been better.


  4. Troy
    Troy says:

    I don’t know if anyone else ever reads these old posts, but I read once that the Ventnor was the inspiration for the CC Cobra.

    • Brian F.
      Brian F. says:

      Troy, some of us do snoop around the archives… I have always noticed a resemblance between the cobra and the Ventnor, but some how I feel like there isn’t likely a connection as Chris Craft was huge with amazing sales numbers while Ventnor was relatively small and more “one off” type sales numbers… Hard to believe Chris Craft would try to copy something from such a relatively small competitor. Unless perhaps at that time the Ventnor design was so popular they had to at least try it?

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