Live-ish From Diamond Lake And The Twilight Zone

Kid-Craft 10’ Runabout powered by an electric trolling motor.

A HUGE thanks to longtime fellow Woody Boater Lee Wangstad for sending in this very nice report from the Lakes Diamond Classic Boat show Saturday. To quote Lee.. “it doesn’t include any dogs or marine railways, but the boats are pretty cool.” HAHHAHAHAHA! love it. By the way all the captions are actual real captions. It’s like a day off. Not that I am not a little off every day. Take it away Lee.

“Last Hurrah” owned by John Humphrey. 1967 Century Resorter.

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. There was a pleasant breeze coming off of Lake Darling just strong enough to keep the temperatures cool enough to prevent any kind of sweating. There were a few non-threatening clouds that gave brief moments of relief from the hot summer sun, and my burn wasn’t nearly as bad as I remember the last show I attended here two years ago.

Nice lineup of beautiful wood.

Yes, it is good to be back. Getting together with old friends, making some new ones, talking till my throat seems raw, yeah, like, all the way home, back to Nisswa. And as well as talking, listening was particularly difficult for me this day, as I was working with my backup hearing aids, as like my MGB, they were in the shop. The backups offer a particularly tinny sound, meant to accentuate consonants, and by the time I was headed home, opted for silence without any type of musical entertainment, with the backups sitting on the console beside me. But hey, tomorrow’s a brand new day, I’ll try work them in again.

Fred Bursch making it look easy in his 1963 22’ Shepherd.

But the feeling was great, walking the docks talking about the boats, learning new things. Experiencing boats that I haven’t seen before. Once again, the Legacy of the Lakes Museum of Alexandria, Minnesota was hosting their Diamond Classic Boat Show. Many of you may remember the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum from the ACBS International Boat Show in 2015 or from a private visit. They have reinvented themselves under a new title and with new drive to become even more comprehensive in representing the lake life culture, centering on the Minnesota experience. Worth a visit, if you’re near. Or, if you’re not, worth the trip as a destination.

Dave Bortner brought this highly detailed 1940 Gar Wood Overnighter.

The whole thing seemed kinda surreal, like out of the twilight zone. Like I knew the feeling, but was experiencing it for the first time. It took a while to get used to. I had been to the Moonlight Bay show up on the Whitefish Chain a couple of weeks before, but getting back to Alexandria was special. I mean, the Whitefish Show was fantastic, but each new show is going to be like the first time. You know? This is great! When I look at my calendar, think of the shows, the feeling like I’m experiencing them all over again, only with new boats, some new faces, I mean, just what could get any better than that! It’s like time has moved ahead, but I’ve remained stationary. Anybody out there shaking their head in agreement? Probably not. Inside my head is a strange place lately. Gotta shake it off.

Business end of John Allen’s 33’ Bell Isle. Anyone for a Liberty V-12?

There was great enthusiasm, particularly among the skippers. I was seeing optimism again. I was feeling it. There was excitement, like it was busting out all over. Anyway, as you’ll see by the pictures, fun was had by all, both by skippers and spectators alike. Minnesota is alive once again.

Mike Bray with his 1955 Larson Cabin Outboard Special. The work he did on this is stunning.

This all original 1968 Glastron Futura is what “preserved” is all about.

Peter Johnson’s 1939 Falls Flyer shows just how far streamlining had come by the late thirties.

1958 AlumaCraft Flying D powered by a 1956 Evinrude Lark brought by Jim Aakhus.

1949 Greavette Streamliner owned by Russ & Maureen Sticha of Alexandria.

John Allen’s massive 33’ Belle Isle.

“Butterfly,” 1949 Chris-Craft 25’ twin engine Sportsman, owned by the Avery family.

“Dowry,” brought by Katie Williams is a 1946 16’ Gar Wood Ensign.

“Gumdrop” is a 19’ Chris-Craft Custom Runabout owned by Eric Carlson.

Carl Mammel’s “At Last,” a 1929 Hacker Craft 26’ Triple powered by a Kermath Sea Wolf, driven here by restorer extraordinaire, Tom Juul.

Bob House and his “work of art” 1947 Century Sea Maid. Bob also brought his miniature Sea Maid to entertain the crowd.

Young people? Interested in classic boating? 1947 Chris-Craft Rocket owned by Jack Sticha.

Jim and Anne Eidsvold in their 1957 Chris-Craft Continental,

“Kings Ransom” is a 1948 22’ Shepherd Deluxe Sport Runabout, powered by a 331 cu in Hemi.

The Legacy of the Lakes Museum brought out Bob Speltz’ 1954 Chetek Aqua Flyer.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Nothing has more diversity and quality of fine watercraft than a Minnesota boat show. Thank you Lee and Matt for the wonderful report!

  2. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    Lee, do you have any more photos of that Falls Flyer?
    I’d really appreciate seeing them if you do have any.

  3. Dave Doner
    Dave Doner says:

    Hello Lee! What a great report on this annual Minnesota show. There must be a half dozen Minnesota and Iowa shows the
    Land-O-Lakes chapter is involved with during the summer! I am certain a popular and wonderful friend ours was missed. He contributed in so many ways.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Dock shots and actions shots, well done Lee. You would think captains would know to turn their wheel to the camera for a partial deck/interior shot instead of a bottom shot. This is the preferred bottom shot.

  5. Fred Bursch
    Fred Bursch says:

    Thanks for the great report. It was a great day amongst old and new friends. The crowds were enthusiastic and the show committee did a great job of adding new features. It was fun seeing some young water skiers towed by vintage boats.

    It all wouldn’t happen without the hard work of an engaged group of volunteers from the Legacy of the Lakes Museum. Check out the museum in person or online

  6. Jim Eidsvold
    Jim Eidsvold says:

    Lee, we want to thank you again for this great coverage of the Diamond Legacy of the Lakes alBoat Show. It is also fun to report that we had a great Friday afternoon Captain’s Cruise of Lake Darling featuring 14 beautiful boats. Friday evening we had a VIP Captain’s reception at the Legacy of the Lakes Museum followed by live music in the Museum Gardens. We welcome all who would like to attend in 2022!

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